Salon 1 Monday 7 June 2010

The first salon will take place on Monday 7 June 2010 and our guest is Baroness Professor Ilora Finlay of Llandaff. Thirty places are available to be booked – at the time of writing (25 May 2010) there are two places left. I am very pleased with the response and excited about getting Victorious Endeavours launched following the (slow) sucess of the salonettes.

I am still hoping to have a second guest for the evening and information about this will be posted in due course. A background discussion paper will be circulated to the women attending and posted here once I’ve written it! My plan is to scope out the things I will be including in the conversation as we are not planning a formal interview. Victorious Endeavours is about real women and their stories not just the roles that define them. I am interested in what they think about the world we live in. Baroness Finlay sits in the House of Lords and I am interested in how this works in practice. I am curious about what influence she feels she has and the impact of peers on society. And as many of you will know I have had a problem with rats in my garden and Baroness Finlay knows all about mice in the House of Lords!

There will be more to follow…


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