19 April 2010

Dear All

Thank you for your interest in Victorious Endeavours my current foray into injecting a little fun and curious humour into our lives. For those of you who are less familiar with the proposal and haven’t joined the Face Book group I attach a briefing note to give you a bit more background to the Salons that Victorious Endeavours will be putting on. The Facebook group has 37 members and there are a further 40 plus women on this mailing list so it seems we are interested in a little light relief!

Salonettes:    Since I first discussed Victorious Endeavours with you I have hosted round one of the monthly Salonettes and I am pleased to report that the response has been very positive. The second month of the Salonettes is now in progress with the Third Wednesday Lunch date this week at Craft in the Bay at 12.30 – my apologies for the short notice. The Fourth Friday After Work Drinks will be next week with the venue to be confirmed. The first Fourth Friday at the Park Plaza was a success but the venue was not ideal as it was rather too noisy – I under estimated how early (not so) young men started to drink large quantities of alcohol! Any suggestions as to an alternative central Cardiff location would be most welcome.

Salons:     The Salons themselves will start in June and will be in partnership with the Ffresh restaurant at the Wales Millennium Centre. Fiona Allen (Artistic Director at WMC) are working on the menus and speakers at the moment. I have been asking people how much they would be prepared to pay for a two course dinner and salon experience – the consensus seems to be £20 but I would be interested in your feedback on this. 

As an alternative to the Facebook group I am considering a blog as a way of keeping you in touch with plans but I know some of you just want a straight forward email!

Would any one be interested in any of the following (in addition to the Salonettes and Salons):

– A trip to Mama Mia the musical in the autumn

– A visit to the Hay Festival – the programme has now been released

– A poetry club as an alternative to a book club – for those of us who love poetry and or don’t ever seem to have time to read a whole book!

Random thoughts in the spirit of curiosity from Victorious Endeavours:

– Germaine Greer’s revelations about her affair with Fellini – how did she keep it secret for sooo long?! The day Germaine appeared on the front page of the Guardian photographed some twenty plus years ago this article somewhat overshadowed the piece on the election (which I have no problem with) and the Polish air disaster (which did not sit comfortably with me given the scale of the tragedy) 

– Philippa Davies – my friend the Psychologist and  Voice Coach – was on Woman’s Hour last week – how fantastic is that! Did you know that John Major modeled himself on Dr Findlay (of the Casebooks)? Who would you model yourself on? It’s Joan Bakewell for me as long as I don’t have to wear the daffodil yellow suit I saw her photographed in recently. The piece had me revisiting Pippa book ‘eureka! Making brilliant ideas happen’.

– During my recent visit home to my parents my mother had casually left a sweater of my father’s on the bed with the (large) hole in the elbow facing upward. Yes you guessed it darning was required. I was quite proud of the outcome and silently thought perhaps the O level in Needlework (that I did to get out of PE) had not entirely been a waste of time!

– And finally who in the NHS thought that post operative heart patients needed to be told not to lift buckets of coal! I kid you not this advice is in the booklet given to people, (my aunt in this case), about to have heart surgery. For your collective information in the first few months after a heart procedure you are able to load but not unload the washing machine – you have been warned!

I look forward to seeing you at one of the Victorious Endeavours salons soon. I will be in touch soon when I have more details on speakers – if I can secure the fantastic women I have approached I am confident you will take up my invitation to ‘try something different’!


Frances Medley
FM Consultancy and Victorious Endeavours
Mobile: 077384 79945


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