A Sartorial Quandry

  I recently facilitated an event for a client in the Millennium Stadium.  My blue (disabled) badge entitles me to park in the underground car park and I was fascinated by this parallel world that is beneath the pitch. I was instructed to drive to a particular spot, by the ‘ambulance station’ where someone would meet me. I had already circled the stadium three times looking for the only Gate that isn’t numbered – four I recall. But the Security Guard was as good as his word and I was duly met by a very jolly man who looked after me all day. You may not have realised that the lifts in the Stadium have pass keys and access is controlled. During the day I learnt all about my chaperone ~ it must be something about me. I am one of those people who strangers feel comfortable sharing their inner most thoughts with! It does come in handy during my working life.

So back to the outfit. I had been working on the closure of an organisation, (those of you who have followed the weekly missives will be familiar with this),  and this facilitation was another small job I was doing. Well when one is standing in front of an audience all day one wants to look ones best (from all angles). So I had called into Poppers on Pontcanna Street to see what they might have to make me feel fabulous. The outfit I am wearing in the accompanying picture was the outcome. On the whole it had the quirky twist I was looking for although french navy is not a colour I usual wear. Unfortunately the detail is lost in the photo but take it from me I did kick a spot of ‘ass’ on the day.

My quandary came when my brother took the attached photo and I realised quite how WRONG the boots were with wide leg loose trousers. I appear to have disproportionately tiny feet! Ridiculous! Can I team my aubergine lace up boots with them is the question? Ladies how does one select suitable foot wear to do with loose trousers? Advice please!

Yours in a spot of a sophisticated quandary which is a bugger as the ensemble was rather expensive and irritatingly half price in the sale I notice!


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