Sophisticated Silver Swimmers

 As I may have mentioned I swim every week day morning in the local leisure centre and am accompanied by a regular crew of silver swimmers. The ladies are quite hilarious and the stories they tell are curiously scattered with a nice line in the snide comment! This morning as I was leaving the changing room two of them, we shall call them Maisie and Ethel to protect their identities, were doubled up with giggles. Age is no barrier to finding your inner child ~ both are in their 80’s.

Maisie and Ethel had just come out of the pool and we standing dripping in their bathers. The conversation was around Maisie’s new costume and the snug fit. So snug that she was having difficulty getting out of them, having earlier made herself breathless to the extent she was gasping like a goldfish out of water when putting said garment on! The two of them had decided that they should invent a new form of exercise around helping your chums get you out of your bathers – you can guess the name ‘get me out of here’!

This line of chat had been triggered by the absence of one of the later ladies as she had Healthy Heart class later today ~ who needs a work out in the gym when you can simply by a new swimming costume. Sheila advises always buying a size bigger than you need but of course when the lyrca has relaxed it offers rather less support than one might require! Oh and a racing back is essential especially if you require a work out on your bingo wings ~ have you ever tried peeling yourself out of a tight racing back? A shiatsu realignment is a must after this extra exercise I find! And try any of these tricks with compromised’s a definite spectator sport especially when performed by yours truly!

For Maisie and Ethel the laughter was a dangerous game and did I understand result in a spot of ladies water being released!


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