Gwen Davies

Gwen Davies is the new editor of the New Welsh Review, starting on 1 March (tomorrow!). She is a former fiction editor of Parthian and the founder editor-publisher of Alcemi, an English literary imprint, based at Y Lolfa, which brought out prize-winning fiction in its short life. She is bilingual, having been brought up in a Welsh-speaking family in west Yorkshire. Gwen is the author of two literary translations, both with Caryl Lewis as author, published as the novel Martha, Jack and Shanco, Parthian, in 2007, and a forthcoming (hopefully) novel, The Jeweller, which is currently being represented by the Marsh Agency. She is also co-translator, with the author, of White Star by Robin Llywelyn (2003). Her most recent title, as commissioning editor, was the anthology of supernatural stories based on myth, folk and fairytale, Sing Sorrow Sorrow, Dark and Chilling Tales, Seren, October 2010. She lives in Aberystwyth with her teenage son and daughter, as well as husband and rabbit. She honestly prefers reading and being alone to socializing but won’t hold that against anyone attending the Salon!


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