Ms Simpson’s Novels

Penny Simpson is the author of two novels:

The Banquet of Esther Rosenbaum is set in interwar Berlin and is a story about exile, told by a Jewish chef whose extraordinary recipes act as a subversive form of storytelling.

A sumptuously detailed and fantastical novel at once full of disturbing delicacy..humour, verve and hallucinatory strangeness.” (TLS)

The Deer Wedding is set in Croatia, spanning two generations, two brutal wars and the chequered histories of two very special works of art.

Compelling, humane..a novel of remarkable delicacy and power..its central subject – how personal and collective histories mesh – has never been more vital.” (Michael Symmons Roberts)

I have read both novels and what strikes you is the incredible level of meticulously detailed research Penny must have undertaken before embarking on writing. She has, in both novels, created strong fascinating female characters who by far outwit and out shine their male counterparts. Perfect fireside novels to curl up with accompanied by a box of sumptuous chocolates and the ‘phone most definitely switched off!


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