Is Sustainability Cobblers?

I have mention before that my father cleans my shoes and polishes my boots; and that this is for me a real sign of affection. I was going through my wardrobe, moving shoes/boots around to create space and if I’m honest remind myself what I had before giving into the itch of  looking at the Duo Sale! Duo are a fabulous boot makers that come in a range of calf widths which for those of you who, like me, do not have twigs for legs, is a complete god send. I grew up never being able to buy knee-length boots because they wouldn’t zip up and despite practically giving myself a hernia simply who not give in to being pulled on. So having discovered boots that did fit I think I need to look after them just incase I can never get another pair. Obviously this is a little ridiculous but you never know!

 So I was paying particular attention to the condition of the boots when carrying out this audit of the contents of the shoe cupboard. The heels and the soles of two pairs were showing signs of wear; one of the consequences of my ‘condition’ is that my gait is rather lopsided with a tendency to drag my left foot. I was most annoyed when I found out that this condition is called ‘dropped foot’ and is a common symptom found in persons with MS. Common I ask you! How insulting is that! Hmm.

So off I go to the cobblers with my shoddy boots. One expensive (Duo Sale two years ago) and one cheaper (Tesco two years ago); both brown albeit quite different colours and distinctly different styles therefore perfectly justified! There is conveniently a Timpson franchise in Morrisons in Barry and the quality of the key’s I’ve had cut there before has been more than adequate so I’m confident their cobbling will be fine. It’s curious how you often find key cutting and shoe repairs together ~ why is that I wonder?

I hand over the two pairs of boots and the young, ( a category I no longer can claim as my own), man says he can put on some special soles that have a life time guarantee. If the soles wear out they will replace them free of charge. What a bargain. Well it would be if it included the heels but of course it doesn’t. I accept the offer without asking the price ~ £18 each!

Now this price could be justified for the more expensive pair but the cheaper pay didn’t cost much more than this new. But I will wear them for another year so I won’t be spending more money on new boots so the planet is saved some tiny contribution to its destruction. Hmm I do like new boots though and as I have mentioned before my resolve isn’t always as strong as it should be!

Of course the boots have been resoled and re-heeled but was it a good idea in the round? I’m really not sure…


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