Meerkats and Weasels

 Well dear ladies I was most amused to see innovation in retail in Morrisons of all places this week. And all for the sum of £8; some things are NOT a bargain! I have bought a range of plants from said establishment; indeed some of my most prolific climbers started their lives out on the supermarket shelves.


But this is surely a step too far. Let me explain. The potted arrangements on display this week include a selection adorned with perky little meerkats; I kid you not! On mass these alert little squirrel like creatures are quite terrifying!

I found myself wondering who on earth these items are aimed at; for ones own home perhaps (NO CHANCE); mother or grandmother (SIMPLY CRUEL) or a small child (WHY?)??? I wait to see if they are on the reduced counter next week with the meerkats still eager and the plants rather less enthusiastic!

Arabella, or Bella for short, my new kitten is much enamoured of a fur/rope weasel full of rice (or something that shakes). I was SO proud when she managed to bring this new (to her) toy up the stairs; how impressive is that when she’s not yet 2 months old! I had to share a little clip of Bella worrying the weasel – I hope it makes you smile!

When not at play Bella enjoys ‘helping’ out in the office; it made me laugh until she trod on one of the keys and disabled the mouse pointer! Fortunately I managed to reverse this transaction. Again I felt moved to share the moment with you!

And this weekend I plan to introduce Bella to her new harness; OK it’s pink and the spots are fluorescent but we won’t be prowling in the dark just yet me thinks, that would not constitute responsible parenting!

I do hope you have enjoyed this little progress report from a sophisticated parent nurturing her new familiar in appropriately spinstitorial  style! The journey that is life is awfully enriched when accompanied by a feline companion!

Oh and of course this does mean Arabella has made her YouTube debut! And my poor or should I say paw filming skills have been revealed! I did consider trying to edit out the blank bits, my finger/foot in the way not to mention mummy’s encouraging cutesy voice! Do forgive please as it’s hardly sophisticated I know!


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