Multiple Manifestations of Cougars

 Cougars or should I say ‘Go Cougars’! A million years ago when studying at Washington State University I encountered the Cougars. The Cougars are the football team and yes I did attend the football matches as a spectator. I confess all I can remember is standing on the bleechers (seats) freezing my tush off  in the driving snow and being offered alcohol from a fellow student. Illict entry of the beverage was facilitated by the canny use of the plastic bag lining from a wine box. Bear with me this is amusingly ingenous and testimony to some minor form of addiction (I concluded).

The plastic bag was taped with surgical plaster to the body of the student and then vodka was siphoned into it!  It wasn’t immediately obvious to me what I was being offered as the introduction was the lifting of the persons Cougar football shirt to reveal a small plastic nozzle peeking out from under his all american clean living boy white vest. Being English I smiled politely (of course). I lived in the international Coman hall of residence where we were viewed as exotic (at best) or strange (most of the time). Being a curiosity hadn’t been part of the contract; perhpas I wasn’t paying attention when reading it on the sea front in Aberystwyth from where I had come.

So does one bend down and place ones lips around the nozzle and, well, suck? Or should one place ones Cougars Coffee mug underneath it? I watched and waited. Observed and smiled and followed suit. The cup was required but frankly given that the exotic tag was sometimes interpreted as ‘easy’ on the sexual favours front I wasn’t taking any chances!

The cougar is of course a beautiful member of the cat family. Lithe and sensually muscular. Lethal and predatorial. This is where the link to the contemporary use of the term Cougar comes in. The definition to which I refer is ‘ a woman aged 35 years or older, with a taste for younger men – and the thrill of the chase..’ I quote from ‘Cougar’ a novel by Claire Irvin.  I confess to cougar tendencies from time to time. In my defence age is awfully hard to deduce on first meeting but then that is the excuse men with a penchant for young girls use.

And is age an indicator of compatibility I ask? Should one be in the market for a spot of breeding then cougar tendencies are probably advisable. Some years ago I did, rather like the photo (of the Cougar with a smaller feline in it’s chops), pursue a younger man. 15 years my junior to be precise. He went along with flirtation, in retrospect I suspect he was flattered initially and then humoured me. He had blue eyes that lured one in; I always imagined diving in the blue yonder and having a swim! I didn’t of course because to be perfectly honest I think I frightened the pants off him!

So ladies have you indulged yourself with a spot of cougar behavoiur; one that you would share  with me? In sophisticated confidence of course. Or am I alone in the confessional today?


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