A Profile of the Narrator

The Me

Me and Mr Putin is narrated by is a contemporary spinster i.e. an unmarried woman rather than the pre 18th century use of the word to denote someone who spins (wool) as an occupation. Of course today one who spins could simply be someone with a penchant for spin cycle classes, quite a pointless occupation in my humble opinion. A personal perspective relating only to the activity itself as the product of indulging in spinning classes is enviable musculature.

Sculpted in marble exquisite muscle tone is simply sublime; the curves of icy cold translucent solidity so sensual it sends one reaching for the cool breeze of an open window. Essentially a solitary pursuit me thinks.  Mm now there’s a thought!

The contemporary state of spinsterhood is one of choice; no longer considered as ‘being left on the shelf’. Alone indeed but not lonely; able to fill (completely) all the nooks and crannies in one’s life with one’s own possessions both literal and metaphorical!

Loving nothing more than pondering, pausing and pottering ones is able to indulge ones eccentricities. An admirer of Vita Sackville-West, Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Parker and too many more to list individually, ones adores gardening, writing with a fountain pen and hosting Salons for sophisticated ladies. Curiously fascinated by human interaction the contemporary spinster adores creating a story for the characters she encounters.

Whilst the stories are often based in fact an element of embellishment, embroidery and appliqué may be injected to enhance the reader experience. Whether currently single or not there will always be, or have been, times when one is alone. Probably this fact alone will mean that you will relate to some, if not all, of the stories about Me and Mr Putin

The natural state of human behaviour, unplanned and unfettered is deliciously naive. It is tender, amusing, uncontrived and often childlike even in the adults of the species. How often have you caught yourself doing something and thought ‘thank heavens nobody saw me’? We all do it; it’s just sometimes someone did see you and sometimes that will be me!

Inside each and every one of us an element of the inquisitive curtain straightener; sometimes when trying to find out who is parking outside our house the drapes never hang properly! Me and Mr Putin indulges this inherent nosiness with a tongue in cheek flare of female fantasy; I invite you to spend a little time with Mr Putin who will never let you down!


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