Mr Putin

Mr Putin is a term of endearment given affectionately to every gentleman of a certain age; an older age when retirement may be calling or has already been embraced. A mature man whose physical features map out the journey he has travelled. For the contemporary spinster Mr Putin retains an allure, an attractive prospect with whom she would willing pass an hour or two.

Originally sparked by a Southern European, from the Pyrenean Peninsula (Portugal to be precise), Mr Putin is of Mediterranean appearance. To visual him think of the current Prime Minister of Portugal, Jose Socrates combined with the actor Rogerio Samora. Quite a delicious combination I’m sure you will agree.

The original Mr Putin was thought to be the Mayor of a small island in a Portuguese National Park; a position that gave him automatic status as a governor. This tiny island is populated primarily with the summer residencies of Portuguese families. But a proportion of the properties are occupied ‘24/7’; primarily by men of a certain age whose wives visit at the weekend.

Alone during the week Mr Putin lives a second unsupervised teenage bachelor existence. He is a gentleman of his generation; politely nodding and saying ‘Bom dia’ each morning as the contemporary spinster drinks coffee (and smokes cigarettes) on the veranda.

Encountered in July Mr Putin was usually found sporting summer garb of shorts and t-shirt. When taking the ferry to the mainland longer trousers, usually worn denim jeans, are favoured with a short sleeved blue chambray shirt. When one says worn denim one would not want to give the impression that the item is old rather the fabric has a vintage appearance.

Swim wear encompasses both snug speedo style trunks (awful term) and longer looser swim shorts. Both items designed to flatter; a challenge they admirably achieve. Flip flops are varied with backless leather sandals worn with the jeans ensemble. Flip flops throw the calves in to wonderful sculpted relief; the sight of which often required the contemporary spinster to seek relief!

Mr Putin keeps the house and surroundings well maintained giving particular attention to removing insects from the (paddling) pool. A boat owner Mr Putin regularly brings the outboard motor back to the house for cleaning. He has a special trolley designed for the job enabling it to equally transport small barrels of beer for the special bar style taps on his veranda.

A father and grandfather Mr Putin spends the weekends with his extensive family including a new baby that he lovingly cradles in his arms (when his wife hasn’t got there first). The slightly bemused ‘how did this happen’ look on his face when performing this task is most endearing. Kindness is so very attractive especially when genuine.

A little aloof Mr Putin stands aside from the crowd when waiting for the ferry occasionally talking to the harbour men who oversee the movement of boats in and out of the harbour. Mr Putin a sensuality that comes from being comfortable in his own skin and being completely unaware of how he seems to the casual observer!


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