The Real Mr Putin


Whilst researching images for Me and Mr Putin I inevitably came across a lot of photographs of the real Mr Putin. My curiosity had already been prodded by the admiration he received from young Russian women who find him attractive; I mean REALLY attractive! Some of them went as far as creating a calendar of images of them in scanty underwear.

Mr Putin likes to be photographed ‘in action’, anything from handling a gun to swimming. Showing his human side he has been photographed with the puppy given to him by the Bulgarian Prime Minister – the re-naming of the puppy was the subject of a public poll! The poor (male) dog is called Buffy!

Rather than waste the research I thought I’d share it with you – I particularly like the one of him in his younger days; guess which one this is?


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One response to “The Real Mr Putin

  1. Jo

    The real Pr Putin does nothing to enhance my mental picture of the imaginary version!

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