An Invitation To One Last Salon

Dear Sophisticated Ladies

 The next Salon on 22 November 2011 will be the last one of this season, after which I shall be taking a pause for reflection and a sophisticated sigh! So I would like to invite you to celebrate the 10th Salon with my guest Sue Williams the visual artist. We will be discussing censorship in the arts in 2011 and how this has impacted on Ms Williams specifically. Who are the moral arbiters making cautious decisions on behalf of the (vulnerable mortal) public? When is artistic expression too edgy for a gallery audience? Sue’s No More Pink campaign ( challenges the audience with gently provocative images. Her recent ‘Poke Me’ installation draws on Facebook and how women portray themselves on line – this will make you think and rush quivering to your own on line presence!

 Wood’s Brasserie in Cardiff Bay is the venue for a slightly longer Salon (6.30 – 9.00 pm) on Tuesday 22 November 2011. The ticket price remains £25 per person for a two course light supper followed by coffee and conversation.

 If you would like to join me for the final Salon of 2011 please email me at .

 In sophistication as always



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