27 November 2011

Dear Sophisticated Ladies

This is the last missive that you will receive by email as this is the last Sunday in November. Should you get withdrawal symptoms, or the prospect of being found bereft next Sunday be more than you can bear you know what to do ladies! (A clue is at the end of the missive).

This week’s Salon was attended by 20 people who all seemed to have a good time although it did feel a tad disorganised to me at times. The food took rather a long time to emerge and I confess I felt sorry for the one waitress who was looking after us. A wide ranging discussion on censorship looked at both the work of Sue Williams and the issue more widely. When I say looked at the technology failed us so unfortunately we didn’t actually get to see the work.

I shall be taking a break from hosting the Salons for a few months as the demands of the festive season consume our collective energy. Once the feeling takes me I will let you know when the Salon Season recommences. Right now I confess to being a little relieved that I don’t have to organise you collectively although the effort is always worth it! You are generous with your gratitude and this time I was touched to receive a lovely bouquet of flowers.

It has been a busy week socially with the Salon on Tuesday followed by catching up with girlfriends for dinner at the Meating Place on St Mary’s Street (pleasant enough but not exactly somewhere to write home about) and concluding (prematurely) with ‘Sometimes you see’ Marega Palser’s multidisciplinary show at Chapter. I say prematurely as I was due to go to see At Swim Two Boys at the WMC on Friday but had to call off as I caught a cold which put me in bed irritatingly!

 Marega Palser is a professionally trained dancer who has augmented movement with film and drawing. She draws as another dancer moves and the process is projected onto a screen. It was a beautiful experience as a series of vignette performances playing out around the space. Marega is one half of Mr and Mrs Clarke a performance duo who are associates of Volcano Theatre in Swansea. Mr Clarke was one of the technicians working on the show and I was mesmerised at one point by his expression as he twiddled knobs on the mixing desk whilst singing silently to the music. Mr Clarke very obviously adores Mrs Clarke; somehow when one seldom sees such genuine affection publically displayed it is all the more powerful.

Marega came over to me at one point in the show to offer me her chair at the drawing desk. The audience were in the main standing although there were chairs scattered around one of which I had claimed. The show was a subtle mix of movement carefully observed and exquisite imagery. I confess I have already made it known that I will be purchasing some of the work!

Friday morning at the crack of dawn – 8 am – found me leaving the house to go to Llandough Hospital for Physiotherapy. You may or may not be aware that the hospital is currently being redeveloped; it started about two years ago and there are about another five to go before completion. This means there is no parking or should I more accurately say there is insufficient parking.

After ten minutes I find a space outside the Children’s Assessment Unit ten minutes walk (for me) from the Day Hospital. As I walk there I have already decided I will not be going back; the experience is too stressful and by the time I get there I’m too buggered to do anything! Go figure! The Day Hospital is depressing and caters for elderly people. I go before the clientele arrive and see the same Physio as last time. The absence has unfortunately not changed her.

Last time she talked about me to students as though I wasn’t there. This time she did the same except every time she said ‘She’ she quickly followed it with ‘Frances’. Her attitude bores me and is tedious. I commented on it last time and I can’t be bothered to do it again this time. Apparently I have made progress since I was last tested in October – I can walk 10m in 4 less seconds with 2 less steps! I am overwhelmed with the progress..

I could have physio at home but I don’t want to. I prefer to keep care professionals out of my personal space wherever possible. Just me probably and maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot. But I know last time I didn’t do the exercises and I am no more about to do them this time if I’m honest. She concludes that the swimming I do plus getting around during the day is likely to be just as beneficial. So the referral was taken up and concluded on the same day.

 The surgeon I saw privately and foolishly placed my trust in has failed to deliver. 10 days after he said he’d put in an emergency referral for a CAT scan he hasn’t spoken to his secretary about it and nothing has happened. Teach me to be taken in by someone who speaks nicely to me and treats me like a human being! That bit was paid for the follow up is on the NHS so quite frankly I don’t know what possessed me to think something might happen quickly!

 I confess to feeling rather under the weather and not at all inspired so you will be saved from a long missive this week. It feels a little like the end of an era – one that has last 18 plus months so that is surely an achievement! Right now I’m having another flush and will need to go and cool down. The vast quantities of cold cure are not working resulting in a ridiculous number of changes of PJ’s! More washing powder will be needed plus an extra hour for ironing from my cleaner on Friday!

 So dear sophisticated ladies I hope you have enjoyed reading the missives and if you want to continue with the experience please click the link below and sign up!

 In sophistication as always


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One response to “27 November 2011

  1. Angela Elniff-Larsen

    hello – looks aound – feels funny to be reading in the open , bit echoey
    I think your salon idea was great I just wished I lived closer ,may be you ought to take it on the road and host one in various “boondock places”
    i will bookmark your blog and make sure I come to read here. But next time iIwill bring a comfy chair and a few bits so that it feels more like the place I have read your missives since inception.

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