A Lightbulb Moment

A couple of weeks ago I was driving to meet a friend for a coffee in Penarth, it was early and I was still waiting for all my brain cells to pull back the metaphorical duvet. As I waited at the zebra crossing I sat finishing a cigarette with the window open. As I was about to pull away I suddenly heard a voice to my right and I confess I literally jumped! A man’s head was very close to the glass and he was shouting something. ‘Your brake light, the bulb, on the driver side it’s not working’ the animated red face yelled. ‘Oh right. Thank you’ I managed as I pulled away with my heart still pounding. A shock of this nature could be lethal at this time of day!

What I didn’t say was the light on the dash-board warning me of the situation had appear sometime before; when I say sometime it was a while ago; and when I say a while I mean several weeks! It came on the week after I’d been to the garage to have another one replaced and I was annoyed at the inconvenience of having to return to play the pathetic lady again. Having said that it takes an ambidextrous left handed octopus to get to the bulb in these highly over styled cars; it’s not easy!

I tend not to be similarly ‘helpful’  myself as it never really occurs to me except I did in the car park of the doctors last week. As I walked towards the entrance I saw the Practice Nurse in front of me and the lights were on in the car she had just got out of. I called (several times) to get her attention to tell her – no hand waving when on crutches.  She’s a snooty madam at the best of times and I have been on the receiving end of her dismissive arrogance before – her customer care function has apparently been disabled! On the plus side she owns some rather nice shoes especially the red leather ones. On this occasion I obviously annoyed her as she attempted to rush into the building  – she paused and turned with an accusatory glare. ‘You’ve left your lights on’ I said smiling sweetly. Glancing back towards her gaudy blue Golf GTi she turned and said ‘they go off in a minute’. Excuse me was I supposed to know this!



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One response to “A Lightbulb Moment

  1. Jo

    This encapsulates the question I have been pondering for a while, does all this technology mean we no longer have the need or will to interact with people face to face? Are cars that think for themselves, e-mail, text, social networking, blogging etc leading to an inability to actually speak to one another? I fear for the future generations……..?

    How about a chat sometime?

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