Advice Particular

‘You should live for those who know and appreciate you, who judge and absolve you, and for whom you have love and indulgence.

The rest is merely the CROWD from whom one can only expect fleeting emotions, good or bad, which leaves no trace. One should hate very little because it is extremely fatiguing. One should despise much, forgive often, but never forget. Pardon doesn’t bring with itself forgetfulness. At least not for me’

Sarah Berhardt

I shared the quote above with an artist acquaintance whose work I greatly admire. She was focussing on the one bad review rather than the other rather more positive ones. We all do it with great aplomb I certainly do and it’s not healthy! So why do we do it? Perhaps like me you too want to be liked; to be considered to be contributing something valuable to the world in general. Not as I am wont to say on occasions ‘breathing air that someone else needs’!

We are our own best critics and seek validation from some people more than others no matter what the cost to us personally. God how tedious is insecurity, how much time and energy do we waste beating ourselves up at the bewitching hour that is 3 am!

Why do I spend a ridiculous amount of time making sure I look ‘spot on’ before crossing the threshold into the streets of the mecca that is Barry? I’m hardly falling over potential suitors! Thankfully not as yesterday I managed to trip myself up three times on my own trouser legs – apparently I need to build in time to risk assess my outfits as well! At this rate I’ll never go out!

As a follow up to the Bearded Lady I went to for a facial and eyebrows yesterday. I didn’t realise there was that much hair on ones face that could be waxed – eyebrows shaped with wax applied and whipped off with little paper strips was not unpleasant as it’s a procedure I am familiar with and frankly the nerves are dead there after repeated attention. Next the chin to remove sign of an emerging goatee; the little tussock under my bottom lip which was only previously visible in a certain light is now hairless and obvious (as it is a tad rouge). The top lip however was not nice – to achieve the desired result my practitioner had to have several runs at it and yes it did make my eyes water as I simultaneously emitted a muffled (yet audible) squeak!

And was it worth it? Of course it was! OK this morning the massaging facial had facilitated a new set of dark matter springing to the surface requiring me to reach for the tweezers. And yes you are correct in your assumption that no-one gets as close to me as I do and frankly no-one else will notice. But I know and that’s all that matters!




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  1. Joanna

    Oh so true. I think I’ll sharethis with my womens leadership programme.

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