A Present Box

I wonder if other people have a present box; a drawer where gifts purchased during the year are kept for a range of occasions. It is a great idea as one is seldom left wanting when a birthday creeps up on one but it does require a degree of discipline (and a good memory). I retrieve my present collection this week only to find that there are multiples of the same items; not the kind of item that one is likely to have more than one potential recipient for. No that would be too logical and fortuitous!

The particularly problematic item is a JCB Transporter Lorry complete with toy cars purchased for my 3 year old godson of whom I only have one. So anyone need a pressie for a 3 year old boy? This quandary along with a range of utterly random items that I can’t exactly remember why I bought; cite three boxes of ceramic beads for baking and the two red silicone colanders!

I have taken the precaution of wrapping all edible items up so the temptation to eat them is kept in check; the white chocolate fingers are especially delicious and I seem to be incapable of eating just a couple! I mean there really aren’t that many, for an adult not a dormouse and they are great for getting rid of the metallic taste in my mouth (side effect of prescription drugs). And on Wednesday the taste was particularly horrid requiring a whole packet to eradicate.


As always I have a phenomenal stationary collection ranging from Moleskin to Winnie the Pooh including pencil cases only suitable for children or women in their early twenties perhaps. On the subject of Moleskin I bought a diary from Paperchase instead of my usual one of the earlier persuasion and I actually felt guilty!

And more to the point when I needed a 2012 diary the purchased Paperchase item just didn’t feel right. One page for day is overkill for a work diary frankly I’m neither that busy nor that popular! Then I remembered I had been seduced by the chocolate brown PC number for quite a different purpose thereby giving me permission to go and buy another Moleskin diary with a week to view; so thankfully all is not lost!


The present box is also the repository for the random occasional gifts given to me when the giver had confused me with someone quite different. I am confident that I am not the only one who recycles unwanted gifts; come on ladies ‘fess up you know you’ve done it too! The trick is not to inadvertently give the gift back to the same person who gave it to you in the first places; that would be the epitome of rudeness which with short term memory loss is occasionally inevitable!


Last night I came across a scarf given to me several years ago by the family of the old lady who lived next door. She was a real spinster of the parish and I enjoyed popping in for a chat before she went into a nursing home. As she’s aged her spine had curved so her chin sat on her breast bone giving her a wicked twinkle in her eye when she turned her head to look at you.


The scarf was a thank you gift when my neighbour died so it was terribly kind; they didn’t know me at all so it was hardly surprising that the swirling floral storm wasn’t me. The problem is that it’s quite hideous and I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I had bought it! One for one of the numerous charity bags pushed through the letter box me thinks.


 In sophisticated (and utter) bemusement with a liberal sprinkling of amusement

PS On reflection, as I wrote Christmas cards (ironic glittery kitten charity cards supporting Help for Heros amongst others – note to self ‘do read the box before buying as amusing doesn’t necessarily mean funny!), I got to thinking about friends and acquaintances who have had a ‘bugger’ of a year. And slipped silently into gift giving freefall; it costs little to send a message that you’re thinking of someone who might be in a deep dark place which could be everso slightly illuminated by receiving something unexpected out of the blue…



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