Under Dippy’s Tail

‘Meet you under Dippy’s tail? 12 noon?’ now where do you think I’ll be next Monday? I’ll give you a tiny clue, its business not pleasure. There are some curiously comic moments when one works in the creative sector although this meeting is more cultural than creative. Getting any closer to working it out ladies?

 Come on you are intelligent people! OK I will have taken a train from Cardiff to London to get to my rendezvous. The Natural History Museum of course! Under a dinosaur’s tail my colleagues and I will convene before no doubt going into the bowels of the institution to talk strategic frameworks. My client is a representative body of people who work with visitors across cultural and heritage institutions including zoos.

 I’m secretly hoping to see cute animals before the contract ends – pandas in Edinburgh perhaps? The Committee I work to is made up entirely of women and the recently arrived panda was included in the list of significant females in 2011. OK this decision was a tad frivolous especially when my personal selection would have included Madame Lagarde who is the personification of elegance.

On Friday a parcel arrived from Gudren Sjodren the Swedish clothing company I have mentioned before. Purveyors of quirk stylish high quality clothing for the contemporary women with attitude and a sense of humour! I had been browsing the sale on line one evening and paying less attention than I would have been in person. On line shopping is too damned easy!

The parcel was smaller than I expected given the size of the order placed. For some reason I kept walking past it and looking at it as if it contained something unexpected. Finally I worked it out. Of course there had been a gap between me placing the order and the parcel being packed. In the intervening period two items had sold out; the downside of on line shopping!

As always of the five items three ‘did not meet my expectations’ and were picked up by the UPS man this afternoon. What possessed me to order two items in ‘Poppy’ suitable for someone wishing to resemble an uber mum meets Swiss Milk Maid; the Peter Pan collar coupled with ¾ length puffed sleeves are not a good look for the woman endowed with (once) fulsome breasts! The ruched peasant style border anglaise (sp?) would be perfect with plaited pigtails or Princess Leia earphones but the 42 year old self styled sophisticat living in Barry looks ridiculous..

The two items I kept are more than acceptable but dreadfully creased; the delights of organic cotton and linen – although unless an elephant has been watching TV sitting on the items it’s difficult to work out how this level of creasing has been achieved! They will require the serious attention of someone adept with a steam iron; hmm can they wait until Friday when my ‘help’ comes….


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