Elegant Clothing for Inspiring Women

Wall-London Ox Blood Dress - why doesn't it look like this on me?











Have M&S moved on from Twiggy and in the spirit of austerity decided to use mannequins to model on the website?  http://www.marksandspencer.com/per-una-Womens/b/43005030?ie=UTF8&intid=gnav_women_brand_per-una  Auntie told me about a long pink cardigan with a waterfall but not a waterfall front. She was excited but felt she couldn’t justify the purchase as she had recently bought something similar. ‘Don’t you think you could fancy it’ she asked. Whipping up the required enthusiasm in record time the dutiful niece genes kicking in I replied ‘I don’t know, what would you wear it with?’ She pauses and says ‘oh you know, black trousers’. Ah black trousers; of course how ridiculous of me not to know that! But then, unlike Auntie who confesses to owning about 13 pairs of black trousers, I only own one pair I bought to address a conference in Sao Paulo in 2003!

After a few clicks on the website I locate the item; raspberry (shocking pink in this light) and a mere £35! http://www.marksandspencer.com/Per-Una-Ribbed-Longline-Cardigan/dp/B005ZZ8B92?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_28&nodeId=43008030&sr=1-28&qid=1326483192 but teamed with a frankly offensive (in my sophisticated opinion) floral undergarment I don’t think so! More worryingly would I end up with that kind of expression on my face? A bored come hither meets bring it on grimace; ooh I don’t think so.

My top tip for online shopping choose things for your friends. Recent purchases on Wall ( http://www.wall-london.com/gb/ )(elegant clothes for inspiring women) were purchased by a sophisticated, (can’t honestly claim to be elegant on these crutches!), woman (me) for an inspiring woman (wonderful friend). I justified an Ox-Blood Cowl Neck Jersey Dress (see above) for me with an Emerald Silk Japanese Kimono Style Jacket for her. Guess which one is – probably – going back in the cute box? That would be the ox-blood number as I’m just not convinced that it’s going to be able to resist clinging to my (flattish) ass even with the facilitation of a good ol’ fashioned slip! It is me or does the static problem get more well problematic with age? It’s the friction of the flab under the garment which could quite possibly generate sparks sufficient to create a smouldering hazard; would such an incident merit calling persons in uniforms and helmets I wonder…



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