A Cautionary Note

Last night as I luxuriated in a restorative bath filled with the various bath products received for Christmas I heard my mobile ring downstairs. Irritated but unconcerned I ignored it resisting (easily) the temptation to ‘rush’ dripping down the stairs to miss the call. An hour or so later I am preparing food to eat in front of the current BBC 4 Danish delight Borgen and remember the call. Checking the phone I find a missed call and a voicemail from a ‘blocked’ number.

Curious I retrieve the message to find it is from my credit card provider asking me to call as a matter of urgency as I might find security problems with the card. I toy with whether to return the call that night or wait until today. Given the demands of today I decide to phone there and then; good job I did too as someone had scammed my card details.

 Running through a range of transactions none of which are mine the woman keeps saying ‘oh I’m sorry to hear that’! I can’t decide whether I am more annoyed that this has happened (again) or affronted that anyone could imagine that I would have bought items from these outlets! Asda Direct I can possibly live with but some of the others not. Yesterday evening someone had had a spending spree on Lastminute.com presumably a holiday with all the extras!

In total the transactions came to around £1800 in the last week. Thankfully the credit card monitoring is sophisticated enough to sense a deviation from ones normal spending patterns. I won’t have to pay any of them but of course I don’t have a credit card until the new one arrives. I wonder if I get the points that these transactions would have attracted?

 Note to self keep credit card slips and be a responsible adult and check them off each month against the monthly bill. As if I didn’t already have enough to do!


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