Spacial Awareness














Mm spacial awareness; the awareness of the space one’s body occupies; the distance between ones limbs and objects nearby; and then there is the distance ones vehicle is from other vehicles, parked and not parked. That deals with the spacial bit, then we consider the awareness; the attention one is paying to the task in hand; and yes we all have occasions when frankly our mind is elsewhere.

When parking this week I confess I was a teeny weenie bit distracted and my concentration slipped momentarily when reversing. In my defence when learning to drive I distinctly remember my father saying bumpers were for bumping! The unfortunate part of the incident this week was the owner of the car; I (very) briefly interacted with, was walking towards the vehicle and witnessed it all!

My bumper touched, kissed even, the number plate of the car behind. No damage was done! As I reversed I was aware out of the corner of my eye a man with a dog on a lead. I was even more aware of his presence when he shouted ‘Hey!’ I put the car into drive and inched forward; pausing before getting out. As I opened the door and looked behind me I could see him putting the dog in the car (great relief as it was not my lucky day in that the breed would surely have fallen under the category of dangerous dog. One of those stout hard looking beasts that owners always say is soppy in temperament).

‘I’m sorry is there any damage?’ I asked looking as pathetic as I could. For that read bloody mortified! Fortunately the man just shook his head and smiling confirmed there was no problem. I got back in the car to retrieve my handbag and crutches as if I hadn’t felt wobbly before I sure as hell did now! The coward in me waited until he had driven off before getting out of the car; just in case he changed his mind.

So ladies you might ask what it was that was distracting me? Well I shall slip behind a veil of shame and tell you. Shame, not any association with the film of the same name I saw on Friday. Shame because the feminist in me can’t quite believe how shallow my behaviour of this matter has been. Let’s start at the beginning, as Julie Andrews said, a very good place to start!

This weekend I met someone I hadn’t seen for a number of years; our lives had once been intimately entangled and now are not. A bit like going to a school reunion you want to look better, slimmer and be more successful than your school mates. I wanted to present an image that would make them regret the passing of time; that pointed towards them having made a HUGE mistake! Of course it would never have lasted, in fact the brief interaction was already too long, but that is NOT the point!

So I have spent FAR too much time planning how I would present myself when we met up. Why does shaving your legs and tidying your eyebrows seem important when meeting someone for a coffee in winter? I don’t have an answer for this question but I can tell you I spent WAY TOO long (a) thinking about it and (b) preparing for it!

At the beginning of the week I realise that I have 5-6 days to shed half a stone to feel comfortable in the chosen pair of trousers. No problem I think I’ll just starve myself for a few days that’ll work! A visit to Morrisons finds Slimfast on offer so I buy two tins and a bucket full of Options White Hot Chocolate (lovely). Plus a few other random items allowing me to use the self checkout. Of course the till won’t play ball when scanning tampons necessitating the personal attention of the young nubile male sales assistant. He decides to give very personal customer service and stands by me as I scan the rest of the shopping and he smirks whilst massaging his muscular biceps revealed by his rolled up sleeves! Thanks for that.

Of course my resolve is thrown by lunch meetings and other social events meaning normal eating is resumed. Last night before we met today I indulge in chocolate as by then it’s too late to do anything about well anything! I was being psychologically supportive of the female prime minister of Denmark in BBC4’s Borgen; honest she was up against it this week!

 So how was today? Fine and uneventful aside from smashing a glass ash tray on the kitchen floor (spacial awareness). The interaction was pleasant enough; well rather better than that and I think I did myself justice. Did the years slip away? Did I come away with a feeling of longing, sadness and regret? NO NO NO! I came home slipped into something more comfortable and revealed in my single status….


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