Healing Power of Dolphins


One of the more irritating things about working from home, aside from the repeated pre-recorded telephone messages offering ‘good news’ about some debt relieving compensation, is answering the door to cold callers.  At the moment we are on a roll with double glazing salesmen (they are all men). The patter is always the same ‘How are you today? (Sometimes with the addition of Madam at which point I look behind me to see who they are addressing!) What I want to say is ‘I was fine until I opened the door’ instead I tend to reply ‘Fine’ in a bored tone which is probably rude but I HATE being disturbed by cold callers! The frightening thought that I am going to over relate to Germaine Greer (on Sunday) in the guise of Grumpy Old Woman just flashed through my mind…

 The caller this morning asked if I’d thought about replacing the front door as it is still wood (because I like wood). In true austerity mode I said if I had the money replacing the front door wouldn’t be my top priority. Fortunately I had grabbed a crutch as I went to answer the door on account of having gelatinous legs today. I say fortunately because as he’s backing away from me he asks what I’ve done to my foot. ‘Nothing I’ve got MS’ I say as it usually has the effect of causing panic followed by a swift exit through the gate. Not on this occasion…

 The man’s face suddenly becomes animated; he has something important to say and he is going to say it! ‘Little girl, 7 years old, in a wheelchair, from Bridgend with MS (unusual) and cerebral palsy (even more unusual in fact downright unlucky). Me and some mates did a sponsored swim/run/cycle to raise money for her to go and swim with dolphins in Australia. Next time I saw her she walked up to me to say thank you; amazing!’

 ‘Actually she swam with dolphins in Spain’ he continues ‘yeh something to do with the dolphins turning on the healing power’. I smother a smirk and smile encouragingly while staring at him (menacing perhaps more likely a glazed look)! As he walks away he turns and says ‘dolphins, Spain, cheaper’!

 Well I thought the Potato cure from the London cabbie was the best yet but today the double glazing salesman cold calling at my door topped it with swimming with dolphins! The things people say never ceases to amaze me but most of all I was just a little bit affronted that I’d go for the cheap Spanish ones rather than their more expensive Australian relatives! Cheek!




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