Delightful Efficient Snack

My new addiction comes in a pair of small packages: a sachet of Options White Hot Chocolate and a packet of Toffee Crunch mini chocolate fingers. Ok they are childrens fingers well a small toddler actually. The effort of getting the dinky digits out of the packet adds to the anticipation (or frustration) necessitating a long leisurely crunch; somehow adding to the pleasure! Or in my case perversely prolonging the pain as my teeth are rather sensitive in part as a side effect of the drugs.

The Hot Choc is “wicked white choc treat fit for angels…” apparently ambrosia in liquid form. Not forgetting the diminutive calorie count of a mere 44 which when added to the 105 for the baby fingers that indulgence that one doesn’t have to sweat off! In fact the 20 minutes standing in the -2 degree afternoon outside the garage, (where not one but two Barry boys replaced the rear light bulb), should have burnt enough energy to cover this ‘treat’ before tea time!

The service at this garage is fantastic a real treat for the spinster in need of a ‘bit of rough’ for a special moment. On balance the Manager of the establishment who smiles as I enter the premises can perform the same procedure in half the time so on balance I think I’ll keep the older guy in repertoire for now! Especially as he said there was no charge as the bulb had been replaced by his mature fingers only a month earlier – when he told me the cold weather was probably the culprit.

Oh the kindness of strangers is guaranteed to make me feel all warm inside – ladies please such smutty thoughts are not becoming when wearing cashmere (which of course you are in this chilly weather)…


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