Appropriate Parking

A propos the Pain Trilogy I have been curiously bemused by the responses; why so? Well obviously the drug transfer process is not going to be the highlight of 2012 although it may, at least for me, be more gripping than a large number of the Olympic events. Both being a distraction I could frankly live without; bah humbug! Perhaps in the days of the original Olympians dashing around in togas and bizarrely flattering body armour the extravaganza might have been a tad more engaging! But please be assured I’m doing OK; well fair to middling as an ex-colleague was wont to say.


Is it defeatist to accept that this is just the way things are? That the NHS is far from perfect but at least it’s better than no state funded health care (at least during day light hours – I am less forgiving at 3 am). The process of gradually withdrawing from one drug regime in preparation for the introduction of another has reached a temporary hiatus. I was a little too eager to get on with the job and at the beginning of the week I had obviously got to a dose that was less than optimal i.e. I was in a LOT of pain. And because I was on the home strait (or so I thought) I had not re-ordered my supplies.


Resolve lady I told myself; it might be challenging at the moment but soon the situation will be monstrously improved and you’ll be pleased you stuck with it! The next day things were demonstrably worse by which I mean other people could notice that standards were slipping. And you know how I hate standards to slip especially my own. Hmm bugger this being brave business give me drugs and I’ll deal with the consequences later! A pragmatic approach I’m sure you’d agree. The same day I got a parking ticket for parking somewhere I thought (genuinely) that a blue badge holder could park. Of course you seldom see the Traffic Warden – (or whatever they are called these days – Community Safety perhaps) – actually tearing the ticket off the machine. The opportunity to politely ask what crime or misdemeanour one has committed is never available.

It was a missed opportunity to test my ability to maintain a calm pleasant manner when the pain was so bad I could have happily chewed glass in lieu of dental floss. By the time I had got home via the petrol station I had spent the best part of £100 on diesel and a parking ticket! So imagine my relief when I noticed the discount of 50% if I stumped up the cash within 14 days; my the ambassador is spoiling us today I thought ha ha. The question is, if I challenge the ticket will I get a response within 14 days enabling me to ‘take advantage’ of the discount? Is the potential cost of complaining £35?

 I should have taken a photo of the car in its criminal position but I didn’t and I don’t know if in fact the Warden would have done so. The burden of proof is all mine and ignorance is no defence so on balance I better seek out my much underused cheque book. Or do I send a cheque with the complaint saying only cash if you feel you have the moral high ground i.e. you are right and I am wrong? Hmm a sense of humour is probably not something in the training manual for parking compliance operatives. I shall however ask for guidance on where the holder of a blue badge can legally park as this testing out various scenarios (that seem eminently sensible to me) is getting expensive. For the benefit of the reader avoid ‘loading bays’ and the ‘Car Share Bays’(even if an ineligible vehicle i.e. a skip has been parked in the only disabled bay available).

On the matter of designated parking bays I do feel aggrieved when the only available spaces within a few agonising bunny wobbles (on two stealth black crutches) are in parent and child spaces. Especially when the breeding lark is a matter of personal choices (OK possibly below the belt), I am prepared to be sympathetic to parents with babies/toddlers but teenagers carrying the shopping could sure manage a wee walk? And don’t get me started on people ‘quickly’ parking in the disabled bay so as to ‘quickly’ pop to the cash machine!!




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3 responses to “Appropriate Parking

  1. Gillian in Wales

    Yes, I never quite understand the reasoning behind putting the parent and child parking right next to the shops. Speaking as a parent *with* a small child, here.

    I just need somewhere with a wide parking space, so I can manhandle child in and out of the car without banging into the next car, or dislocating something in contortions. And a safe path to walk to the shop. So, next to a bollarded walkway, halfway down the car park, with a shopping trolley bay close by (else what do you do with child? Take with you, and then carry back? Or leave in the car? Dilemma, dilemma!) and a zebra crossing to get *to* the shop would be just fine.

    Doesn’t have to be *close.*

  2. Annest

    Yeah, these disabled parking laws are deeply confusing. I find that they vary according to local authority, too. e.g. you can part in a ‘residents only’ in Cardiff but you can’t in Swansea. And I’ve been nabbed in a Loading Bay…

  3. What a calm, eloquent, lady-like description of events that would drive anyone to the nearest asylum…… or drinks cabinet. A delightful ‘post’, thank you for teaching me how to be patient and non-confrontational.

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