Changing Faces

 The daylight drew me from my less than restful slumber; at 7am the duskiness of dawn was long gone and the sunlight was well on its was to claiming Sunday as its own. Spring must be on its way, quite why this surprised me I don’t know but it did! When locking the door at 645 am – on my way to the pool – I was aware of the dawn chorus; the Barry birds were larging it with all the power their avian lungs could muster and that was without daylight. Bless their little feather covered souls I thought as I mentally rolled my eyes thinking ‘daft buggers’ you’ve got all day to practice what’s with the early shout.

I find this time of year trying at the best of times but this year especially; the second year with an almost empty order book and again having to impose a structure on my day. It’s not that I don’t have anything to do more that I thrive under pressure and too much time is not good for someone who can (if left to my own devices) excel at procrastination! The list’s are written, re-written and roundly ignored (in the main). More worrying is my increasing pleasure at taking ‘stuff’ to the municipal tip; this week the car was filled with old lever arched files and contents. Recycling was somewhat challenged as all items seemed to be made up of more than one component – after an attempt to separate all items went to ‘General Household Waste’.

Apart that is from some ancient cutlery which was taken from me by one of the men working the site. Said helpful chappie was obviously not paying attention when he took the bag from me as when he threw it into the skip the contents rained down on him. It was as if the action was in slow motion as the bag seemed to float upwards before turning back on itself; this must be physics i.e. the heavy contents moved at a different speed to the plastic carrier. The knives/forks/spoons thereby managing to extricate themselves taking revenge on the person daring to put an end to their useful life!

The sight of two burly men in fluorescent jackets scrabbling to pick up teaspoons from the ground did make me smile! Random act of kindness with hidden extras; the irony is I distinctly remember the guy looking in the bag when he took it from me. The expression ‘not the sharpest tool in the box’ comes to mind.  I do wonder if some of the items ‘dumped’ by the public are ‘recycled’ by closet rag and bone persons…But hey enterprise keeps the wolf from the door and once the goods are left at the Recycling Centre the owners obviously have no further use for them, so the guys are welcome to do as they see fit as I doubt the Council has a bonus scheme.

I shall be back tomorrow with a boot full of clip frames – remember those? They were revolutionary with every house littered with the contemporary simplicity. Who’d have thought no frame would be so popular? This innovation has similarly been replaced by the Ikea frame performing the same function but so much more sophisticated as they bring a hint of Scandinavian clarity somehow! And they are readily available seven days a week at an austerity proof price which nicely accommodates the digital photography rage making everyone a professional recorder!  

The embarrassing contents of the frames have been left in situ as I’d rather not have to accept ownership (thankfully my taste has improved or so I like to think). My liking for lighthouses seems slightly questionable now but I’m not quite ready to relinquish those particular prints (wondering if my brother might like them for his house). The rather severe brass rubbing of the Virgin Mary, (I remember doing as a child on a family holiday), will however be introduced to my new best fluorescent jacketed friends. Frankly I have family photographs of strong women to look sternly at me without putting strangers on the walls to glare disapprovingly at my unspinsterly like behaviour!


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