The Restorative Power of Red Leather

Life has been a tad challenging of late which is all terribly boring. Friends and family are a great source of support and solace; but sometimes one needs a little more. Something beyond chocolate and champagne; something more tangible that soul enhancing music or the thrill a fast car. Something that can be touched, caressed, stroked, sniffed and will be guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself. I refer of course to shoes preferably with a handbag to flatter both the feet and the person.

On a mission to buy a birthday present I popped into Penarth to a jewellery shop the friend I’d had lunch with had said was worth a visit. We’d been discussing the challenge of running a small business in 2012 with a potential client – my we are a formidable pair when we’re on form and ladies we were prepared! How could said client resist engaging this dynamic intelligent duo? Surely we ooze value with a guarantee of the perfect outcome delivered in a manner the client with find more than acceptable? Only time will tell, fingers and ankles crossed! 

The emporium fell rather short of my expectations and no birthday present was identified disappointingly. However given how long it had taken to find a parking space it seemed wasteful not to wander towards the shop with the word ‘Sale’ in red letters. Red is such an enticing colour, restorative, womblike (my cosy lounge is a raspberry red which visitors frequently comment is sensual and seductive) and of course it does say powerful!

 Ok when I’ve got this season’s full red ensemble on – topped with a full length red mohair cardigan – I do resemble Mother Christmas or at least a soft toy version. The red leather gloves gripping my black stealth crutches firms don’t put people off wanting to cuddle me – something about the red wool turns me in Paddington Bear! Still it works a treat as an ice breaker; never lost for words when strangers thrust their arms around me as they grasp me to their bosom; although the shock initially can stun me into a mute state which some would (cruelly) say was an advantage!

Anyway back to red, specifically red leather; the ‘Sale’ shop had red leather in abundance so it would have been rude not to indulge myself. The assistant peeped around the stock room door where she had been hidden behind a pile of shoeboxes. A diminutive young woman in her late 20s unaware that this vision of unkempt womanhood was about to make her day. ‘Do you need any help?’ she asks quickly followed by ‘or are you happy to browse?’ The latter added when I turned towards her apparently saying (silently) ‘do I look like I need help’. Smiling in a friendly manner I responded ‘I’m fine’ adding ‘thank you’ for good measure i.e. to buy time to (in truth) regain my balance (the reason I was holding onto the shelf).

 My mistake was to reach up to the highest shelf to reach a handbag; for some reason I seem to be incapable of finding items on low shelves interesting. As I left my arm up to reach the item calling to me I almost overextend myself and almost topple over!  Perhaps I should enquire about a place on the clowning workshop, after all clowns always wear big shoes which must require some training to avoid falling over? After reading an article about the therapeutic power of horse I am semi-seriously toying with the idea of finding a stallion to mount; apparently its doing wonders for injured personnel returning wounded from battle.

 The shop is delicious, the range of Italian and Spanish leather handbags an unexpected surprise. Oh I’m sooo excited I can hardly entertain myself! For some reason I am drawn to red today and request every pair of red shoes in my size. Why not I have time (and a credit card) and the shoe assistants have time (and a living to make)? A perfectly mutually beneficial arrangement and beside I need cheering up (or so I have decided).

 As I browse my eyes fall on a red leather across the body saddle bag; it is simply love at first sight, I am powerless to resist, I am blind to see any of the other (less expensive) items and I know that puppy is coming home with mummy real soon! I discretely remove the bag from the stand, stroking it simultaneously as I smell the leather whilst brushing it against my cheek. Quite a sensual experience I don’t mind admitting! Has anybody got a fan?

 Placing my new bag on the cash desk I point to the pairs of shoes I’d like to try on. Now I have her attention! The red shoes are what my friend calls ‘interesting’; they fit perfectly like the proverbial glove. Buttery soft letter that creeps seductively up my ankle; the only question is the crepe heel (they may be Spanish but are they sophisticated?). To buy time I ask to try on a sensible pair of Hush Puppies in black suede with a three inch Cuban heel.A cute frog and their own bag!

 There are some advantages to not having much sensation in ones feet; new shoes don’t rub. Well of course they do rub but you can’t feel the soreness. The disadvantage is that the soreness can become rather bad before one pays attention to it; the Chiropodist pointed out something this week which was news to me – I mean ladies how often do you spend time looking at your feet in winter? As long as they are warm you don’t do you – unless you are someone who does indulge in the 12 month round pedicure. Here I show my limited feminine genes I fear! You try painting your toe nails when you shake like the Contemporary Spinister!!

 So in conclusion I did purchase my life affirming red shoes and bag. Aren’t they just beautiful? Don’t they make you smile? Not only have I raised my spirits I have raised the spirits of every person who looks at my feet and thinks ‘What the *** is she wearing? The Big Society knows no bounds as a simple purchase becomes a random act of kindness – smile and the world smiles with you isn’t that what they say?


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