Easter Eggs

Authenticity is a word on my mind at the moment for a range of unrelated reasons; it curiously augments a number of conversations over the last fortnight. Authentic Body is the name of the creative movement methodology developed by Aleksandra Jones (the Choreographer on the Women in Pregnancy project). This week we did the first run thorough of the piece that will be performed on the 25 April and it was hugely emotional to watch. Thus far I have taken part in the workshops but on Thursday my balance/mobility was somewhat compromised so I observed.

 When I say observed what I actually mean looked through the lens of a digital camera that had been thrust into my hands when photographer colleague was asked to perform. I would be surprised if any of the shots I took will be useable given the ‘camera shake’ that accompanied my shocking balance! Photographer LMHC takes beautiful images that she manipulates digitally creating an atmospheric depth; in contrast I point and press (the wrong button (sounding like my mother ‘there are so many, and they’re so small, and they’re so close together’). I can achieve a quite remarkable fuzzy/out of focus picture (not image) with practically no effort at all; best I still to words leaving the creative process to better qualified colleagues!

As we watched the performance unfold I was aware that the person standing next to be was in floods of tears, instinctively I put my arm round her. Little did she realise quite how risky a manoeuvre this was as I only had one stick as the other was buried underneath camera kit bags and random stuff! Thankfully I managed to remain upright for the duration. The emotion comes with the territory of pregnancy but on this occasion it was the dancer performing with her 7 week old baby in a sling alongside heavily pregnant participants (I keep wanting to write ‘pregnant women’ but as men can’t (currently) get pregnant the word ‘women’ is redundant; bit of a grammatical conundrum). The authenticity of the performance made it so very moving.

On an entirely unrelated matter the authenticity stream of consciousness made me recall the Easter I was given a most unusual egg; initially disappointingly inedible, I consequently still have it. A certain male of the species, I refrain from using the word ‘gentleman’ as he was neither gentle nor in my opinion much of a man; scratching the surface, albeit superficially, and poison of the skin irritating type oozed out of him. On this particular Easter day said person gave me a cardboard Easter egg filled with small chocolate eggs plus a small metal egg in a plastic wrapper. I distinctly remember looking at the non edible egg thinking ‘what on earth is this tacky imitation’. Without pausing to draw breath I tossed the plastic on one side and turned my attention to foil cover chocolate balls.

The next time I saw said person he enquired if I had liked my present; I confirmed I had (admittedly without great enthusiasm) but I sensed this wasn’t quite enough. Eventually he put a plastic carrier bag on the table, in the bag was the presentation box and authentication certificate for a gold Faberge Egg! In my defence the tiny object in its plastic envelope was a dead ringer for the bling associated with rappers. I’ve always been slightly bemused by platinum as it looks like cheap silver to me; you notice when the wearer is aware of this when they say ‘it’s platinum – more expensive than gold you know’.  Thankfully I am unlikely to be caught out again as I have the presentation box complete with authentication certificate should I need to sell it one e Bay one day!


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