Tapas at Twilight 10 May 2012

Apparently April is not a month the Contemporary Spinster needs to worry her precious medium sized middle aged head over this year. Why so you ask? And well you may! On Friday my friend’s nine year old daughter was at my house and we were looking at the calender apropos a convoluted conversation over how long she had off school for Easter. The cute kittens appear on eleven months in all their fluffy fur ball glory. I thought I’d turned over two pages but no matter many times we looked there was no sign of April! That of course is why the Salon Season is starting in May not April – why ladies I simply don’t have the time!

Tapas at Twilight will launch the 2012 Season with my guest Pippa Davies talking about her forthcoming novel The Gritties before the collective curious brain power of my sophisticated salon attendees! Ladies I need your assistance with the challenge of updating the Brownie Badge – the Contemporary Spinster will need to acquire all these delightful naughty natty awards in her quest to conqueror the Big Society! (I refer you to http://wp.me/pV51k-eT)

Whilst doing a spot of research into the Brownie Badge I found a catalogue of pre 1995 badges  ( http://www.guidingproject.info/catalogue/brownies_old1.html) and there are some true horrors! My politically correct sensitive hackles were well and truly bristling if not twitching – allow me to demonstrate – we have the good the bad and the ugly here! Of course one should remember these badges are of their time but still I was a tad shocked by the messages we were giving our innocent girls only 13 odd years ago.

the Housekeeperthe Hostess Craft (Paper Chain Girls)   

     Dancer    Astronomer

         Bright Ideas

    Endangered Species

   Bannock Maker (Help me out what happened to the Backwoodsman?)

Friend to Disabled! (You can get a badge for being my friend! How marvellous is that – guess who’ll be milking this one ladies?) NB There wasn’t a badge for aligning images in WordPress so forgive the random placement of the images!

So can you see why this project is quite so very ripe for a makeover? Lady Baden-Powell please do not be offended; perhaps you could manage a little amused moment? I did stick it through to the Queen’s Guide Status in my later life so perhaps I might be forgiven per chance?

Upstairs at Bar One in the Wales Millennium Centre sophisticats will be conspiring if not perspiring as we giggle like girls once more! If you fancy coming along email victoriousendeavours@gmail.com to reserve your place at Tapas at Twilight where the gorgeous French lady and I will air kiss you in a sophisticated continental style welcome!


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