A Mini Break With Pandas

Instead of planning my capsule wardrobe for my long weekend in Edinburgh I was distracted by a profile of Kraftwerk on the radio; I am a huge fan and ‘She’s a Model’ takes me to a special place. Electronic Body music seemed to resonate with me at a particularly influential time in my life for reasons I will choose not to explore for fear of losing myself in a virtual padded cell of paranoid alienation! An exclamation mark suitably plays down a comment that has rather more depth; I’m sure I’m not the only one with dark metaphorical tunnels secreted conveniently away from prying eyes. Enough of that; back to the four seasons in one day weather we are experiencing. And specifically how to pack to accommodate rain, wind, hail, sleet and sunshine; with the proviso of always producing an effortlessly sophisticated outfit.

A friend and I are escaping to Edinburgh for a few days; the agenda is culture and catch-up with a liberal sprinkling of good food, wine and coffee. The highlight of our mini break will undoubtedly be viewing the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo; thankfully we won’t need to avert our eyes as the fertility window has opened and closed. I doubt we would have been able to keep a straight face as the Keeper helpfully lifted the tail with a long pole! How presumptuously indiscrete no wonder they disabled the webcam (sorry Pandacam) for the event!

Culturally inclined as we are theatre tickets have been purchased for both the Lyceum and the Traverse; two political plays one historical the other contemporary. The Celtic meets the Syrian in Edinburgh for the viewing pleasure of two English gentlewomen both who originally hail from the African continent. How much more global could we be I wonder. The best bit of a mini break with a girlfriend is the gossip, the catching up and exchange of feminine intelligence. The conversations that act as a pick me up; a tonic and revitalise both parties! I can’t wait!

The question is how to take just enough to give the illusion of choice without putting ones back out. The most suitable item of luggage I own is currently in someone else’s house; the alternative (admittedly more stylish) leather holdall doesn’t have the convenient trolley function. Can one justify purchasing a new bag because one can’t be bothered to pick up the existing one? Of course that is a rhetorical question but nevertheless one I felt I should rehearse!

Today I shall road test my mobility to see if I can manage with one crutch as two is awfully limiting when shopping. And if I have to manoeuvre a bag too the balance issue becomes a little more pressing. This weeble may indeed wobble but has a tendency to fall down! Life can be SO challenging sometimes.

The wardrobe needs to be suitable for the shopping, dining, visiting the theatre, galleries and the zoo! So me thinks black is the best colour scheme as long as I limit my menu choices of course; the downside of physical vibration otherwise known as shaking is the tendency to end up wearing ones meal! The fulsome cleavage offering a more than adequate shelve for catching crumbs, icing sugar and any number of random drips! That reminds me of the summer I discovered the uncomfortable itchy feeling in my underwear was spicy Bombay Mix! Please don’t pretend I’m the only one who has ended up in this position!

And now back to seeing in the First Direct website is ready to make payments; my travelling companion will not be amused if I don’t make good the financial transaction. Electronic banking is excellent when it works and tremendously irritating when it doesn’t!


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