An Awareness of Speed

The irony of attending a Speed Awareness Course on a day when I can barely walk with the aid of two crutches is not lost on me. My Jubilee Bank Holiday began with a summons to attend the course at 845 am on Saturday morning; I say summons when I mean of course I chose to attend instead of  being fined and awarded 3 points on my licence. Although I would have preferred not to have to rise at 6 am on a Saturday morning the course is surprisingly informative. The two trainers have contrasting delivery styles consistent with one being Welsh i.e. local and at home in Pentwyn and the other from over the bridge in England i.e. a tad nervous to the extent he feels the need to put his presence in context. Mr Over the Bridge has a style that makes one cringe, smile in embarrassment (for him) and wish his bits all haste!

My fellow participants are a socially reflective sample of a Cardiff population so amusement peppers the morning as we enter into group exercises. Most memorable being the discussion about stopping distances at different speeds; the issue of 17 seconds (which could save a child’s life (why are we only concerned with the lives of children I wondered when elderly/disabled pedestrians plus teenagers in headphones are just as vulnerable? The answer I venture is the guilt impact of a child is greater (perhaps)) – the comment of one person was 17 seconds was important in the context of his sex life! So  when it came to ‘nominating’ a spokesperson I pointed at said person (male) and said ‘that’s for the 17 seconds’! Childish behaviour I confess.

As I drove home I found myself none the wiser about the speed limits; well that’s not entirely accurate because the matter of street lamps (groups of) is lodged firmly in my brain. The problem is after a solid four hours of speed awareness I am so tired that the deduction element can’t be easily accessed. I had resolved to purchase a new copy of the Highway Code and read the leaflet that comes with the annual tax disc. Who would have thought that the updates would be included in a government leaflet sent by the DVLA to keep us drivers abreast of the current regulatory framework within which we take our vehicles onto the public highway? Don’t tell me I’m the only one who removes the tax disc, carefully removes the perforated edges before placing it the car and discards the rest of the envelope contents!




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