Rationalising the Contents of Cupboards

This weekend my brother brought my parents to Barry and response to the inclement weather we examined the contents of the cupboards. I should explain I have a reproduction side board I am planning to sell (on e Bay if I can get my act together). I had previously photographed said item without removing the family photographs or the contents (random teapots and vases plus odd glasses and incense sticks). The result was the casual shopper would be hard pressed to work out what the blessed thing looked like! Hence seeking the assistance of conveniently available family members to empty and photograph it. The promise of a trip to the municipal tip clinched the deal for my darling father who has always had a fascination for such geographically specific arrangements. The recycling centre in Barry has recently benefitted from not insignificant investment no doubt courtesy of some European regulation facilitated by Welsh Government money.

Once the sideboard contents were laid bare on the dining table I just knew they didn’t all have a cat in hell’s chance of returning home after the photo call. Admittedly the goldfish bowl vase was neither use (three sets of goldfish met their maker in it) nor ornament (it was never the same after being put in the dishwasher). So the process of de-cluttering commenced with a rigorous assessment of the kitchen cupboards followed by the shelves in the lounge and concluded with the blanket box. Not forgetting eagle eyed brother who helpfully spotted half full paint tins in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom! Who needs the guidance of helpful TV personalities when the Medley Clan are perfectly qualified (by experience) to fulfil the task!

I wouldn’t want you to think I objected to familial intervention as early in the week colleagues visiting me at home had commented that the house was just like me – full of interest stuff! I blanched on hearing this as I like to think the house is tidy if not exactly minimalist. Evidently my surroundings have come to reflect the inside of my head which at present isn’t as organised as I’d like it to be – I blame it on cognitive overload (that’s too much on my mind to me and you)!

So all I have to do now is tackle e Bay unless I can entice the local Curiosity Shoppe proprietor to come and exchange used notes for a discrete collection in his van. I confess I nearly


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