May I introduce you to Ruby

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Ruby, isn’t she the epitome of sophistication and superb design. Apple go munch on your core; don’t choke on the pips! My sincere apologies for that little jibe which frankly is not something one expects from the Spinster (or perhaps it is and the cupboard door that usually seals such thoughts in has been left ajar)!

What’s with the naming thing I hear you cry? Has the Spinster had a fit of the vapours (if I knew what this phrase referred to perhaps I’d confess)? No it’s really quite simple, I thought if men can name their (sometimes) hardware then I can name my (always) hardware! So there you have it and yes I have been trying to find an occasion to use this analogy (or do I mean metaphor) ever since I thought of it. It’s like those times when you think of the perfect put down or witty response half an hour after the conversation has finished.

Ruby is delightfully two faced with a screen that rotates so the netbook can be transformed into a tablet. See we’re both Gemini’s (2 faced) I knew it was love at first sight but just didn’t realise why! I confess I’d forgotten this feature until I opened the box or rather when my brother unpacked Ruby (who was nameless like a new born at this point). The springy keyboard and touch sensitive screen are very responsive as one might reasonably expect but today I could do with a little bit of a delay. If I was making a cake today I would be perfect capable of sprinkling the icing sugar randomly without moving the sieve i.e. my manual function is stuck in vibrate mode. You wouldn’t believe how many times it took me to open up the Word programme as it was inside several folders each embedded inside the other. Every time I thought I’d selected the right one something adjacent opened up!

As Ruby is only a week old, rather like my friend’s 2 week old baby, she hasn’t got into a routine yet and certainly has an embryonic memory incapable of correcting my spelling. Auto correction apparently needs to be trained, either that or its linked to a dictionary in another language which give my level of technical incompetence is entirely possible. Except of course my highly competent brother set it up so it’s evidently a character flaw in the technical specification!

An entirely random associated thought I wonder in any of the new tablet devices one can use by writing with a pen can handle shorthand? The highlight of the interview with the journalist earlier this week was watching her skill with shorthand. I only just resisted asking if she adopted the Pitman 2000 approach but I suspect she is rather too young to understand the question. Curiously I noticed she seemed to liberally sprinkle the wiggly symbols with actual words; it reminded me of listening to young people speaking Welsh with a generous dollop of English words our ancient language could possibly have anticipated!


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