Canine Companions

Forgive my silence the last week has been a little fraught. After a somewhat less than satisfactory consultation in England an old college friend came to stay (with her sheepdog Zita) for a few days. And you know what it’s like when you get together with an old comrade; chewing the fat; reminiscing and flicking through old photo albums. The time just dissolves like the proverbial morning after alka seltzer and with it the days disappear without trace!

And what one is left with is a warm feeling of welcome space; the kind that can only be created by spending time with people who really know you (inside out). Oh and not forgetting the pile of laundry which one reflectively stuffs in the washing machine chuckling to oneself as those fragmentary images pop randomly into ones head. Crafting caterpillars from child size slipper socks as we compete to find ways to improve the overall design. A trip to Poundland proving most fruitful; it’s frankly amazing what one can do with a girl’s hair band!

The momentary alarm when using the downstairs loo which curiously has an odd aroma; lordy surely not an ‘uh hum infection in ones waterworks’! And then the gigantic sack of organic dog biscuits catches ones eye facilitating a sigh of relief accompanied by a shake of the head. Later the same day one narrowly misses watering the door mat as one knocks Zita’s water bowl with ones crutch; a lovely screech echoes as the metal dish skids across the ceramic tiles! Oh but I love the doggie; cuddling a canine mass as it whips ones chops with its (long) tail.

Normally a fan of the feline pet variety one strangely became comfortable with the persuasive crotch nudge encouraging the recipient to reach for the doggie treats. Zita brings new meaning to the term ‘doesn’t touch the sides’ as she wolfs down the ‘organic’ bendy biscuits in a millisecond – never once gagging! The dental bites don’t stand a chance of cleaning madam’s teeth as chewing seems not to be required when consuming these delicacies! And no I didn’t get close enough to detect any doggie breathe; the trick is to anticipate the embrace and quickly draw air into ones nostrils (and hold as long as possible).

On the subject of being nice to animals one slowed down when driving through Dinas Powys yesterday, not only because this was where one was ‘cautioned’ by a policeman on account of creeping (just) over the speed limit. No on this occasion one accounted horse riders, well to be precise a horse rider and a generously proportioned pony (Thelwell style) under the guidance of a child. Proud of myself for ones kindly behaviour one somehow managed to screen out the fact that one had Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon playing at a not inconsiderable volume! My how that CD transports me magic carpet like to quite another place..

Whilst one is with the animals as one was leaving the house yesterday morning the green garden waste bag – prematurely placed out front after friend and I had been busy with the choppers – was playing host to a multi coloured cat from three doors up. Curious creatures cats – responding to ones ridiculous baby talk voice the furry beast turned its head and yawned in ones direction! Careful lady one could change one’s mind about your cuteness.

The other activity consuming the Spinster this week has been the final Salon; one is touched and overwhelmed with the response. Just shy of 50 sophisticated ladies will be gathering to celebrate the eight decades of Ms Dilys Price (along with homage to shoes). Ones  project management and planning skills will be tested to the limit in the pursuit of perfection. If only ones excuse for a haircut was as easy to whip into shape! The is indeed a time and a place for relaxation but not where ones less than crowning glory is concerned. Aunty commented on the colour recently asking if one was trying out a new shade/tone – something a little darker? No this is one’s authentic colour courtesy to the genetic combination of one’s parents; strawberry blonde I believe!

Allowing one’s mind to wander rather ill advisedly under the circumstances – when the MS is active it’s rather like having incompetent builders in residence i.e. one needs to keep an eye on them! Putting together the Programme for the Salon augments one’s eye for detail as one endeavours (quite victoriously) to create a suitably unique experience with meticulous planning. Earlier on the G4S business had caught one’s eye specifically the barnet worn by the Chief Executive; some wag had suggested he might be the next Elnett (hairspray) model. Certainly those locks need some taming but the volume achieved is frankly awesome! One wondered if one could offer G4S ones strategic planning skills in exchange for the secret styling tips as the Spinster could certainly do with some body up top!


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