Final Salon Shoes Pair 1

A Background Note

The final Victorious Endeavours Salon on 26 July 2012 celebrates the eight decades of Dilys Price (founder and director of the Touch trust) and pays due reverence to the part shoes play in a lady’s life. As previously mentioned the recent ‘upgrading’ of the Spinster’s ‘condition’ has seen the sand in the hourglass of her mobility running faster with the predicted emptying of the vessel very soon. The sands of time glisten as the light catches the crystalline structure before dissolving in the blink of one’s eye; as a result ones world changes irrevocably and a new perspective is required. Surplus assets acquired become available for redistribution: lucky sizes 7-8 (41-42) are invited to make the case for future ownership!

Accordingly there are five pairs of shoes which will be described to allow appropriately proportioned ladies to prepare for the Salon. As noted in a previous missive demonstration that the potential recipient can walk stylishly (or at least competently) will be required (please bring popsocks)!

Pair 1 Your feet look gorgeous

 Vital Statistics

  • Name – Your feet look gorgeous
  • Make – New Look
  • Size – 8 /41
  • Heel height  – 4 ¾ inches (12 cm) with a 1 ¼ inch (3 cm) platform under the sole
  • Upper – Black fabric

The Story: Unaccustomed to purchasing shoes from this type of high street store one surprisingly fell utterly in love with these platforms. Monochrome appearance oozes sophistication somehow. Couple this chic appearance with the statuesque Amazonian scale the wearer assumes on wearing and its heaven (in theory)!

The practicalities are a little different as they really are a bit of a challenge when ones balance is well challenged! But with the assistance of a pair of equally Cool Crutches this shouldn’t be a problem surely? However the crutches don’t quite extend enough to reliably compensate for the inbuilt wobble! Try as one might one has had to admit defeat although there is a slim possibility that one last outing might be tried (putting the beauties on in the restaurant as risking the zebra crossing would surely be folly).

The overall vision of the Spinster in this high street offer would certainly be striking as her height would exceed 6ft 2” – standing next to diminutive Dilys the portrait would be one of an Edwardian odd couple; hardly polite or respectful! So if you are intrigued by this pair please tell your Hostess how this elevated position of dominance would enhance your existence!


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