Final Salon Shoes – Pair 4 Gardenia ‘Raindrops’

Pair 4 An Italian Extravagance: Raindrops by Gardenia


Vital Statistics

  • Make – Gardenia (100% Italian)
  • Name – Raindrops
  • Size – 39 ½ (6 ½ I think)
  • Heel height – flats with chunky caterpillar style soles
  • Upper – butter soft leather
  • Colour – Multi – Grey/black mottled

The Story: This pair of brogues are a testament to the folly of kidding yourself that the tight fit in the shop is because ones feet are hot. No the shoes are TOO SMALL. They always have been and always will be! Purchased in one of Cardiff’s oldest independent shoe shops in the Arcades these shoes are one of the Italian ranges regularly stocked. At the time (circa 2008/9) they were rather at the top of my price range but I had always wanted a pair of brogues like these so I bought them! Because I could! I have always hankered after ox-blood penny loafers and these seemed to be a contemporary twist on that style.

For me the length of the trousers worn with flat shoes has to be right i.e. i prefer not to be able to see the back of the shoe when one is standing. This style can be formal or informal as long as work confidently the quirkiness adds to ones outfit (in my humble opinion)! So do you have the devil may care confidence to fall in love with Raindrops; a perfectly apt name for residents of South Wales!


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