Final Salon Shoes Pairs 2 and 3 – Tribecca by Kenneth Cole Productions

 Vital Statistics

  • Make – A Kenneth Cole Production
  • Name – Tribeca
  • Size – 8 / 41
  • Heel height – 3 ½ inches (9 cm)
  • Upper – leather
  • Colours – Chocolate Brown and Blak

Note: the black pair have a tiny tear on the right shoe at the base of the big toe joint.

 The Story: Around 2006/7 I visit one of my oldest and dearest friends in West Virginia. We met when I was studying (Agricultural Economics) in Washington State University in 1988/89; we were both in the same Womens Studies class and she was a student counsellor in the International Coman Hall of Residence.  Over the years we have grown older and wiser (in many but not all) ways sharing a joy of reading and writing as well as a strong feminist streak running through our shared core. I recently found a copy of Gertude Stein’s 3 Lives she gave me when she came to stay in Cardiff in 1994; in it she had written ‘1(you) & 1 (me) is the 2 of us – the third is the woman (womans sign)is the that which we become only in the presence of the other. You are & I am & I love the we that we become’. I had forgotten all about the book and reading the inscription again brought tears to my eyes; the value of real friendship that comes from years of co-habiting each other’s lives is impossible to measure. We are both facing personal challenges of a different nature at the moment and it is a great sadness that we are not able to join together to become the us that we both need so very much now. The time will come if we are patient; we are both headstrong and impatient!

During the visit in 2006/7 we went to an out of town shopping mall where we found a huge shoe emporium and I found these darlings! Seeing them first in one colour and then the other I knew I simply had to have both; the deal was clinched when the sale ticket was espied. She was going to the Opera with her husband and she tried on a pair of strappy black sandals. She is gorgeous with the elfin petite-ness I have always envied; the sandals looked so elegant on her slim tanned feet with perfectly manicured toes. Serendipitously the sandals were also on sale so I had to treat her; I was powerless to resist! As a childless woman my money was my own to spend as I pleased; she has three children and their needs come first with such frivolous purchases not quite so easy.

I have worn both pairs and they are remarkably comfortable with solid rubber grippy soles. Especially elegant with trousers I find. So when would you wear them ladies?


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