Final Salon Shoes – Pair 5 Think! Schlapfa

Pair 5:            Think! Schlapfa

Vital Statistics

  • Make – Think!
  • Name – Schlapfa
  • Size 42 (8)
  • Heel height – 1 inch (3 cm)
  • Upper – Nubuck / Suede
  • Colour – Chocolate Brown

The Story: This pair came into my possession during one Hay Festival. Hay-On-Wye has some great independent shoe shops amongst the book and gift boutiques. This makes Hay a perfect place for a day out with a chum in fact my college friend and I were there only last week! On the earlier occasion I had gone to Hay with another friend who was having a hard time personally – man trouble I seem to remember – and the trip was designed to cheer her up (or at least distract her).

As a penniless artist my friend is seldom in a position to be frivolous where money is concerned; this day was no different. As a full time salaried employee at the time I had rather more scope to spend with gay abandon! But this is no fun on one’s own so to level the playing field I decided to allocate her a budget to spend; a notional amount only quantified in my head of course as embarrassment must be avoided at all costs. We all want our dignity to be preserved at all time; I am the absolute worst person in this regard taking self preservation to the dizzy heights of pig headedness at times!

The outcome of this shopping spree was two pair of Think! Shoes – identical of course; mine chocolate brown and hers a frankly nasty rusty orangey brown shade the like of which I had never seen before nor indeed since! I have enjoyed these quirky shoes with their Velcro over the arch fastening and wonky heel. The downside is that the circumference of the heel is not exactly kitten heel proportions but it is of a size that a degree of normal balance is required to avoid turning ones heel! So reluctantly I have had to admit defeat.

So ladies how does this innovation on the ‘trouser’ shoe strike you? I have worn them both with trousers and skirts with equal elegance especially coupled with a brown suede coat (which I am keeping!)


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