Salon Shoes – Pair 6 – Fancy a Brazilian?

May I introduce a late contender; a sophisticated Brazilian number made by Siboney. I confess these sandals have been loved nay ADORED over the last couple of years but today found one (unintentionally) performing a Marilyn Monroe influenced wiggle. My colleague with me as we traversed the Oval Basin commented that respect was due for the platforms I was wearing! Of course at that point one became even more aware of the knife edge one was balancing as one attempted to remain upright from Bar One to West Bute Street. One did indeed make it but frankly the speed (or absence thereof) is somewhat trying for ones companions; accordingly may I offer a late contender for eligible Salon attendees to consider!

The Story: a delightful sale purchase from Ogam Igam Station Approach in Penarth – the same establishment where one acquired (full price) the red leather handbag and El Natura Mary Jane shoes earlier this year. There is something terribly seductive about the style of these sandals; a hint of chic wrapped up in high cocoa content chocolate. The passion of South America oozes out of the slim straps as they cross ones foot; the heel cup discretely conceals any less than perfect skin (essential unless one is constantly found with a pumice stone in ones possession). One recommends a good pedicure with ones toes tipped with a strong dark varnish of a shade selected to compliment the brown patent leather.

One could wax lyrical in a sophisticated manner for paragraphs – erotic rather than 50 Shades of Grey style as the wearer of these puppies is ALWAYS IN CONTROL! The shape of the platform facilitates a smooth gliding gait which one finds as pleasing for the wearer as tis surely for the casual observer…where would you take these dream boats ladies? One wonders if Kristen Scott Thomas or Christine Lagarde (the way the word Lagarde rolls around ones mouth even when silently mouthing it in one’s head is quite delicious – excuse my Sapphic imbued moment one responses most curiously to the heat).

Would one partake of a cocktail wearing Magnetize? ‘Sex on the Beach’ perhaps?


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