Simple Pleasures: Dilys on my Doorstep!

You may have gathered the Spinster is an enthusiastic albeit amateur gardener. This weekend one indulged ones passion by creating new arrangements to adorn the front doorstep; a welcoming floral tribute. At the Salon Dilys presented me with a beautiful butterfly lavender and it cried out to be the new occupant of the recently vacated pot at the entrance – when I say recently vacated I mean the previous occupant – cheeky little violas lost their battle against the slugs (not helped by a drought they were unintentionally subjected to)! On the advice of my Eisteddfod companion I applied liberal quantities of coffee grinds to ward off the slugs; this morning the slimy shining trails over the coffee clearly demonstrated the ‘efficacy’ of this method! The lavender blue is now complimented by equally azure pellets!


Whilst I was at it I decided to fulfil my sometime ambition to have clematis around the door. In the absence of trellis or the means to attach trellis – I am not allowed near power tools anymore although I can’t think why! B&Q only had shocking expensive unattractive metal structures on offer so I decided to create my own cane business to train the plants up! I over heard my neighbour saying to another neighbour ‘its beautiful, really lovely’ pause followed by ‘its a lot of sticks!’

For information the clematis featured are: ‘Warszawska Nike’ and ‘The President’ although I confess my recollection of the latter was flowers of a somewhat larger scale; perhaps the bargain price (from Morrisons) gives a clue…

To fully appreciate the victorious endeavour feel free to browse the range of perspectives below:


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