Smirks and Smiles

In preparation for plain packaging the sophisticated smoker might want to invest in a stylish cigarette case. Marilyn Monroe wouldn’t necessarily been my first choice but one was rather limited by the brand of elongated tobacco tubes one favours. I’m rather pleased with my (inexpensive) purchase! Complete with velvet pouch and an unexpected mirror on the back!

















Ever since I was a teenager and the Swatch was launched onto the market I have wanted one of the skeleton watches. I wish I’d bought it then as my 40 something eyes find it a little difficult to tell the time! And where pray is the date? If you’re wearing one of these babies time is evidently not an issue!






Just as I am on the verge of selling the dresser in my dining room I discovered the inlay is actually of dragons!













This ‘self portrait’ is one half of the performance duo Mr and Mrs Clark – this image always makes me smile as I face the steep flight of stairs it gives me the energy to get to the top!









When killing time waiting for a prescription I was idly looking at the merchandise. The pharmacy is an old fashioned independent one where one can purchase this nasty contraption to keep shampoo out of small people’s peepers – how does one keep a straight face when baby has a halo!





And if a high temperature is of concern why not invest in this special thermometer. A cute duckling with an even more curious way of reading the temperature!













If pink is your thing then Sainsburys is the place to head – these needlecord trousers amuse me (and everyone else) no end! Best wear with plain items me thinks.    







Did you know that when a Poinsettia is pink it’s bizarrely called a Princetta? Pink for the contemporary male…













And you know that reading to a child give them a head start especially with added voices for authenticity! And please forgive the shocking spacing and poor alignment – blame it on poor dexterity! The number times I have randomly ended up with the snipping tool whatever that is! Makes you want to cross yer  legs!


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