A Wonky Aura? Marital Difficulties? Help is at hand!

I confess to being a HUGE fan of Mr and Mrs Clark, indeed my week was significantly enhanced by a visitation from said duo especially as for the second time they arrived bearing cake! Mr Clark’s mother makes quite the most exquisite carrot cake I have ever tasted; the term moist was made for her creation – I feel sure a certain Ms Summers could take inspiration from this most taste bud tantalising delicacy!
This week Mr & Mrs Clark’s The Medicine Show will be having one last outing at the Weston Studio at Wales Millennium Centre; returning like a homing pigeon to the place where it was incubated. Audiences in Edinburgh were introduced to this curiously innovative genre where a once traditional modes of travelling theatre has been subjected to a wicked dose of the contemporary before being popped into a blender and being turned on to full power without the lid on!  
“Prepare to be transported across genres and boundaries, at times you won’t know where to look, but you will be entertained. It’s a laugh-a-minute, all-singing, all-dancing acrobatic show of the weirdest kind.” The Scotsman. Well that’s one way of putting it but I much prefer “Together, they will rock your world as they haul you from the audience, challenge you, straddle you and take you right out of your comfort zone.” Edinburgh Evening News! 
Doctor Clark, ably assisted by his Missus, will diagnose (and ‘treat’) those suffering from a wonky aura – a seemingly prevalent problem in these times of austerity when so many citizens find themselves at sixs and sevens faced with so many competing demands on so very few resources. Fear not if perhaps you, like my good self, have failed to find a compatible partner to share the minutia of life with there may be just the person amongst your fellow audience members – believe me the solution is so much more reliable than a random coffee dunked blind date in windswept Cardiff Bay!
Tonight I shall be sampling the delights if Circa Wunderkammer simply on the basis of the promotional flier! Acrobatics in high heels with the delicious inclusion of a red stiletto worn by the women one whose feet their male colleagues are being ‘supported’ – I asked Mr and Mrs Clark if they had considered such a feat. Mrs C’s elfin features became wickedly animated (especially her eyes) – but believe me this Welsh duo have something for everyone with the costumes and props alone providing a magical mysterious box of tricky delights!
For the female reviewer who asked why Mrs Clark had to bend over quite so provocatively please be assured there are absolutely no shades of grey beneath this basque and torn fishnet stockings; on the contrary this show is precisely professional in its execution with a commitment to excellence in its detailed delivery. All ‘t’s crossed and all ‘i’s dotted!

For one night only Mr & Mrs Clark 1st November in the Weston Studio at the WMC in Cardiff.  

If you need more persuading check out the promo clip: http://www.mrandmrsclark.co.uk/Medicine%20Show.htm

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