Administering Adhesive

Superglue is the answer apparently suitable for resolving a myriad of irritatingly inconvenient breakages; a top tip for the less than competent with particular reference to persons with an involuntary inbuilt shaking mechanism. Some years ago the above sculpture was damaged during building work; balanced on top of some random piece of furniture this elegant lady took a tumble. The shard of glass one which she hangs snapped when it came into contact with the floor and for the last 5 years her wiry barnet was exposed to the elements. The dust gathered in her curls unless I administer a very personal ‘blow job’; a frankly wearing pursuit attended with rather less enthusiasm than was needed!

But you know how you get used to something even though you know it’s not right? Eventually the sloth moved in me and I finally got round to purchasing adhesive to rectify the situation; and then I lost my nerve suddenly paralysed with ‘I could make it even worse and then there’s the prospect of cutting myself’! The risk assessment was less than favourable with a high likelihood of a visit to A&E and I have bored you with the problem of parking at the hospital before! Perhaps I over analysed the potential danger but please understand I speak from experience; significant experience.

And then it came to me – in a flash as it were – artists were coming to see me – real fully functioning human beings with a steady hand – I’ll ask nicely for assistance (something I am not usually comfortable with doing). Fierce independence frequently gets in the way of resolution in this Spinster’s abode! And Mrs Clark did the honours the next time she was round (having already hung the (above) pictures of hers I had purchased) – had I been able to put my hand on the glue Ms Curneen (creator of Cruella) would have done the honours when the Urchin was personally delivered on her Perspex plinth.

The very next day I knocked the above mug off the kitchen worktop – poor spacial awareness is a bit of a hazard as ‘objects may be nearer than they appear’! Indeed they are as my leopard print legs can testify in bruises of many sizes! The handle broke not once but twice leaving the vessel in at least 4 pieces. Hmm I thought, how hard can it be to superglue together? Why not give it a go? What’s the worst that can happen?

So I gave it a go and yes it has a handle again albeit with teeney tiny gaps which make me nervous. Put it this way I have an object or ornament rather than a mug – I’m just not confident that the weight of the fully loaded vessel would be supported by the jigsaw piece handle. Coffee is awfully hot and even with the absence of feeling in me legs I’d put money on a spillage leaving a nice burn!

The range of mugs (and cards) were created by friends of mine Roger Loughor and Mari Beynon Owen   and are available are available from Taliesin, Swansea; Aberystwyth Arts Centre; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Portmeirion shop [in Portmeirion not the WMC); and the Milkwood Gallery in Roath. And for those of you like me preferring to purchase from the comfort of ones home they are available direct from Melin Inc by emailing (Cards – £2.00 inc postage and Mugs – £10.00 inc p+p)

Perhaps I’ll over compensate for having to replace what was a gift from the creators by purchasing a full set – the devil in me fancies using the full set together when serving coffee and seeing which one individuals reach for!




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