Sometimes We Look, But What Do We See?

A Snippet from the programme

Sometimes we see; but what do we see? Do you see something different to me? Sometimes we see is the title of multi faceted (and in my humble opinion multi-talented) visual and performance artist Marega Palser; the Mrs of Mr & Mrs Clark, Marega practices and performs in her own right. The show can be seen (again) in Chapter on 16-19 January 2013; the piece combines dance/performance with digital visual performance as Marega  draws the movement using a light box allowing Mr Clark (in a purely supportive technical capacity) to project the images created onto the performance space (OK onto the walls/fabric/drapes).

I may go along to the Show but this time with my wallet locked in the house. Last time I purchased shall we say a small bijoux capsule collection of Ms Palser’s work which she kindly came round to hang up my stairs. As with Ms Curneen, the creator of Cruella, the service is personal; very personal and yes it does make a difference!

The piece below is one of my particular favourite and is positioned at the bottom of the stairs opposite the lounge doorway. Before I tell you what it is have a closer look. One Saturday afternoon my Godson, his mother and his grandmother   came over for the weekly visit; it’s a bit like an agreeable access visit as it occurs at the same time every week (unless something gets in the way). Towards the end of the hour my Godson mother/grandmother interrupted my reading of Aliens Love Underpants to ask what the piece of string was all about; puzzled by the question I wrestled my way out of the chair (unravelling reluctant Godson) to look.

‘It’s a dancer’ I replied pointing out the hands, the head and the skirt. ‘Oh yes right.  Still think it looks like a piece of string’ they replied. I could see how they could think it was a piece of string but because I knew what it was I confess to spending a good 20 minutes starring with my head on one side followed by the other! In my current state this feat of balance would be impossible! There are times when I would happily be proved wrong; you known the prediction that your best friend’s new partner resembles a psychopath or heavens that the incumbent government is incompetent on all fronts.

But on this one my premonition is gradually materialising; ever since this Bionic Woman was reprogrammed she can’t walk. Dragging these Slush Puppy filled wooden legs around is a bit of a challenge. My prediction that walking (even with aids) would be off the implied skills list by Christmas is proving to be annoyingly accurate. My favourite aubergine suede boots are off the agenda which is almost devastating (ok in the scheme of things it is  hardly significant), as are the similar black suede number.  There is of course only one answer; to go shopping for something sophisticated stylish and manageable for one encumbered thus.  Knee length boots (with suitable soles – ones with purchase i.e. rubber ridges) afford a degree of support to legs that feel like they will concertina under pressure (and yes they are currently under several more bars of pressure than is considered healthy). And now may be the time to indulge myself in a nice pair of ox-blood leather lace-up brogues possibly with a nice ankle length for rigidity.

As one becomes more visibly disabled one is more aware of how one appears; no matter what we all say we do all make judgements its human nature sadly. So when you get those feelings challenge yourself!   This got me thinking about how to choose the perfect LinkedIn profile photograph. How do you want to look? It’s not a dating website exactly although given some of the ones I’ve seen it makes you wonder; by doing business is entering into a relationship albeit a professional one. Surely your photo should reflect the image you are trying to portray?

Going through the ones in my library I can’t find one that actually looks like me now! See examples below: the Pink Jacket I loved just makes me look like a marketing consultant whose had a makeover; and what is it out the middle distance that makes it so enthralling (so many of us are looking into it)?








The brown linen number I do still love but when I sent this to someone for a newspaper article the journalist said ‘I’d never have recognised you’!









Or how about this one – it was the one in the Western Mail when I was a columnist but that was the best part of 10 plus years ago!










So I did what most single freelancers do – take a photo of oneself with your phone; only my arms aren’t quite long enough and why is my mouth crooked when I smile! But I do love the purple heather ensemble even though I’d rather the shadows   under my eyes were reflecting razor sharp cheekbones!


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