Part 1: In Search of Shoes: A Process of Adjustment

Perfect Linked In Photo

This weekend a friend came to stay and we had one of those perfect girly moments. A few days where there is no fixed agenda; absolutely no imperative to do anything in particular. I had a few things planned including a couple of practical favours; tedious little jobs a less than physically competent human might find challenging.  To be specific these were things that said friend would accomplish in a matter of minutes whilst I would end up dedicating half the bloody day to! I can’t tell you how frustrating life can be on occasions!

Once the two pineapples had been chopped and the perennial printer problem resolved without having to purchase a replacement the weekend was available to squander! Oh and taking the perfect Linked In photo (see above). Spending time with a good friend who knows you is seldom wasted. Top of the agenda was seeking out a new range of footwear on account of Cruella (‘pet’ name for my MS) having been (and continuing to be) active. The Lady is in a particularly vicious temper at the moment and no Auntie I have no idea why!

A visit to Queen B in Penarth was provoked by an advertisement in Cardiff Life perused whilst waiting for car light bulbs to be replaced in the garage. I confess I wouldn’t normally pick up this free publication but it was actually illuminating on this occasion; apparently Rhiwbina Village (in Cardiff) has undergone a mini renaissance so a wee trip there may be needed purely for verification purposes you understand! Queen B has a range of reasonably priced boots and shoes hence this is where our search for stylish sophisticated Fran safe/suitable footwear.

The challenge is two-fold: one I can’t feel my feet specifically the whole of my left foot and the toes and outside edge of my right foot. I hasten to add that I can feel sufficiently in my right foot to drive my automatic vehicle! And two my legs now, this is a recent innovation, have a tendency to buckle; and yes I have put on a few pounds of late but not sufficient to result in this collapsing behaviour! Irritatingly I also have something referred to a ‘drop foot’, a ‘typical’ sign of persons with this diagnosis; its irritating simply because one prefers to consider oneself as eccentric i.e. slightly different and certainly not normal!

Queen B did not disappoint and both of us tried a range of footwear on; with my chum being most restrained – adamant she was not buying anymore suede shoes to the extent she left a range of gorgeous two-tone stiletto’s weeping forlorn in their boxes! I could practically hear them mewing ‘don’t leave us here mummy’!  I tried on three or four pairs of knee length boots – two in yummy black patent – but it is true you do get what you pay for i.e. in this case the boots failed to give sufficient support.

But the visit was far from wasted as I had spotted this fabulous pair of black patent Mary Jane’s with soles that resemble rather chunky monster tractor tyres; even I couldn’t lose my grip in these puppies! The Velcro fastening is both a strength (easy to use for someone with the manual dexterity of an octopus in boxing gloves) and a weakness (the stickiness sometimes stops being well sticky so I am on a mission to find some extra stick on Velcro just in case).

These little darlings came in at a very reasonable £29 so I was very happy as quirky shoes always raise a smile dragging any mood one might have woken up with out of the darkest depths into a sun filled niche! And yes they also have anti fatigue soles so they’re practically medicinal i.e. an essential to ones wardrobe – and yes they are supremely comfortable in a bouncy bunny kind of way!


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