Dressing Children

Dressing children is important these days; more so than when I was growing up when we just accepted the eccentric creations of family members. There is a classic photo of my brother and I sitting on the steps of the house in Malawi (Africa) wearing the matching wool tanktops in black red yellow yarn! My contact with children these days is limited to my godson and the occasional baby produced by girlfriends – all of whom call me ‘auntie’.  Last week I was given the best present I have ever had from the main (ok, one of not, wishing to offend the other Godson) man in my life Ellis (see left). As I say his name I just get the urge to cuddle whom ever happens to be within reach – silent warning to the postman who could arrive at any point! I can still remember when he didn’t wriggle when being cuddled even when sported a floppy hat!

Last Friday was Children in Need day and pupils were invited to come dressed as their favourite character or person from television etc. Unfortunately said Godson’s father misunderstood or misheard and darling boy was sent to school in his PJ’s! Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you spoke to, his pyjamas are an all in one Spiderman suit; yes the revival of the onesy has reached Barry. He looks cute in whatever he wears so I’m sure he carried it off with great aplomb even if his behaviour was more Ben 10 (parents and watchers of children’s TV will appreciate this reference).

When Ellis arrived to pick me up on Friday (with his Mamgi (possibly misspelt Welsh word for grandmother), he gave me the picture on the left,; it is of my house (please just accept the reference without intellectualising it!). I attempted a discussion about how he had painted it to which he responded in a distracted and slightly bemused expression ‘no Auntie Fran I just did it with a brush!’ I had interrupted him counting things in Welsh which was obviously more important.

When out shopping for new bras in M&S, (where else if one simply needs an everyday garment of this nature), I had a random wander round the children’s department in an idle ‘preparing for Christmas’ mode. Imagine my excitement when I saw a Gruffallo dressing gown complete with a horned hood and clawed sleeves; I have already  bought Godson (small) several of the books featuring this character. Perfect I thought; when else can you dress up children in slightly ridiculous outfits and not be hauled up in front of the authorities!

Well I was on a roll now and a Red Riding Hood duffel coat swiftly found its way into the trolley followed by this cute hat (times two)! The hats have been already been delivered as I simply couldn’t wait to inflict or share the love – this is the problem with Christmas presents the giver has to wait ages to see if they fit. Of course gone are the days when the recipient (no matter how old) just had to put up with the item given, these days the gift receipt is compulsory. Just so the little girl (who will be 6-7 months at Christmas) or rather her parents don’t miss the reference I’ve purchase a Red Riding Hood story book (and CD)!


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