Glad to be of service!

The Virginal Vanilla Version

The Virginal Vanilla Version

When I applied for and subsequently (3 1/2 years later) received a disabled parking space outside the house the Council made it quite clear this was A disabled parking space NOT MY disabled parking space! Fair enough I thought as a responsible council tax payer. Secretly I confess to daring anybody else to put their car in it – and fair play my neighbours have been wonderfully protectively of me too. Little did I realise that this ‘council property’ could be used for more than alerting the parking public to avoid placing their vehicle in the designated space unless they had a blue badge of course.

There have only been 3 occasions when an interloped has been found encroaching on ‘what is (not) mine’; well 4 if you count the morning when the refuge man piled all the black bags in it whilst out swimming at 7 am. The Council never responded to my ‘complaint’ about this but then it hasn’t happened again so perhaps the space has been blacklisted ha ha!

And the accessorised version

And the accessorised version

But when I arrived home last week I found an addition to the blue sign; a sticker drawing dog owners’ attention to the price of steaming dog poo – it’s gone up to £1000!  Looking up and down the street there are similar stickers on the lamp-posts in both directions. The cartoon imagery made me laugh in part because the dog resembles a miniature Schnauzer; the breed favoured by an ex-partner of mine’s mother. Curiously he left me with a pile of poo amounting to somewhat more than £1000. Whilst I have not the slightest desire to search for him on Facebook I confess a ‘swift’ move towards the exit of M&S Culverhouse Cross will be made should I ever bump into his mother!

In case you missed the steaming pile of poo...

In case you missed the steaming pile of poo…

So to recap this designated disabled space has so far been associated with rubbish and now with dog poo; what I wonder will the Council come up with next in the name of convenience..


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