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Grasp Firmly Before Cwtching..

Grasp Firmly Before Cwtching..

7 8In tune with the late Spring the Spinster has continued to root through her rooms in search of space; I am in love with empty corners, the more gaps that yawn the sleepier I get as I yearn to curl up like a mammoth sided Dormouse and have a huge snooze! This would be to make up for the ‘disturbed’ sleep that comes with some of the drugs I take three times a day by the ladle full – last week my night time innovation morphed once again as I found myself curled up in the bathroom sink – I had managed to jam my head and folded arms into the bowl! This may explain in part the leak under said sink as the pipes beneath realigned themselves to accommodate the new position – and as I write I realise this much be where the bruises on the side of my head came from!

A gorgeous goddess friend has taken delivery of a car full of clothes, shoes and sundry electrical items to sell on e bay for me – suspicious Auntie asked what cut said friend was taking! Friendship darling – priceless in its purity (although worth clarifying as an ex-colleague woefully told me of having being caught out when presented with an unexpected invoice). Curious how many times the cost versus value thing arises..but tis hardly surprising in these austere times but nevertheless a tad depressing..

beirutWhilst emptying drawers I came across a note pad from the Mayflower Hotel in Beirut where I stayed when working for the British Council; it never occurred to me at the time that there was anything dangerous about travelling to Lebanon. Later I found out that the Mayflower Hotel was apparently the one journalist John McCarthy was kidnapped from; innocence or naivety?

book spine library labelAnd this note in front of a secondhand book of Plato, a former library book, made me wonder about the measles outbreak in Swansea and whether the stacks would be temporarily depleted if contemporary book borrowing was considered a health risk – one plus for the e book … (as I have failed to zoom in the label basically says do not return the book whilst there is infection in the house)

When seeing the Practice Nurse at the Surgery for a blood test I took the opportunity to consult her on what I feared might be warts on my knuckles. She peered momentarily before saying apparently putting duct tape over them would make them disappear! She did explain the logic but I was so utterly bemused I confess I didn’t take it in – I know the NHS is strapped for cash but really do we need to resort to going to B&Q for medical supplies?

A planned appointment was both conveniently and inconveniently brought forward last week. Conveniently because I was at last very moment pondering how to juggle two appointment 40 minutes apart: one in Barry and one in Cardiff. I took the earlier appointment, at the Chiropodist without thinking it through. As I parked I realised the flaw in my plan; I had tights on upon my trousers. Hmm pragmatically I thought I’ll just have to swollen my pride and ask the Chiropodist to cut the feet off; an amusing twist on ALice in Wonderland when the Queen says ‘Off With Their Heads!’. This I do; she smiles, puts her glasses on her nose releasing the beaded hanging thing on which her specs otherwise perch on her bosom (when not being used to see). Oh don’t worry lots of people do that, lots of older ladies come with their tights ready cut so I can just pull them off when they arrive and pull them back down when they leave. At this point she neatly snips open the seam at the very end of the toes; terribly neat and no blood drawn – I am impressed!

3And finally Zita (and her darling owner) came for the weekend and we had a relaxing girly weekend doing an awful lot whilst doing very little; a perfect way to spend a couple of days in my book! Zita’s mummy’s had, at my request, bathed her so her fur was clean for me to bury my face in it! Photographic evidence below!1 2 4


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