Gravida and Other Matters

My wonderful black tulips flanked by cards made by and from two close friends

My wonderful black tulips flanked by cards made by and from two close friends

You may have noticed the Spinster has been away; not literally on this occasion but absent nevertheless from the world of posting. When I used to send out weekly emails entitled weekly musings – or some such illuminating title – I would stay up as late and as long as it took to make sure they went out. Emails were sent to over 200 people a week and I looked forward to anticipating which would bounce back having triggered the local authority profanity software – the word bugger always had the non delivery notice from Newport and Cardiff! It’s only recently I realised I didn’t have to give into my own pressure to post; I have a choice curiously it seems…let’s face it I hardly have hundreds of people hanging on my every word even if one more than occasionally thinks the average citizen speaks more sense than the Posh Boys apparently running the country!

2012-08-23 15.33.25But these days my ability to be quite so disciplined is somewhat more limited; Cruella too frequently conspires against the Spinster these days! She especially likes interfering with the functions of my fingers finding an extra vigorous vibration when one is purchasing on line – the number times I’ve thought I’ve never spent that much to find I have inadvertently purchased multiples of items! Irritating to say the least but I can tell you I can see how easily children could access porn by simply random typing or responding to random links; OK I admit to be suckered into those miracle diet ones and yes I did buy the raspberry tea tablet extract ones and no they don’t work!

However I do plan to update you on other matters of great import soon I promise! I have also been on round 2 dutiful daughter cataract delivery matters; yes ma has had both eyes seen to in less than 6 weeks! In some areas the health system does work – by contrast one of the lovely ladies I swim with was due to have her cataract done on the same day as mum; it was cancelled at 1130 am when she was due to be at the hospital at 1230! I was livid on her behalf; no regard taken to her having geared herself up for the op or how the cancellation would impact on her.She is 84 and increasingly frail. She did have it a month later but that is not the point; she’s too kind and lovely to be messed around.

2013-05-17 09.25.50Talking of the impact of things a week after my excited friend’s daughter had proudly circulated the above photo on Facebook and it had been ooed over in the changing rooms she lost her babies. The young woman in question is close to me and I hadn’t been prepared for the impact on me; I’d never seen a scan photo of twins before, I realise now the scan is part of the photographic record of a child’s life. In fact she only had this photo because she had to be rushed into the Heath and was seen in A&E – she took this on her phone when left alone in the cubicle! Currently women waiting for their 12 week scan in Llandough are being seen at 20 weeks which means signs of abnormality are seen rather late; another sign of the less than perfect health system in our area. This young woman lost another baby in December and believe me she is in pieces having been pregnant 5 times with only one surviving to full term; don’t under estimate the need to grieve for a miscarried baby.

The reason the scan photo impacted so much on me is that we have started the Women in Pregnancy project again with rehearsals of Gravida. Gravida is choreographed by Aleksandra Jones and performed by pregnant professional dancers Tanja Raman and Lara Ward. I have been sitting in on some of the rehearsal and doing a free writing response to what I see; I am rather proud of the outcome – please do check out the following links:

2013-05-14 12.14.07 12.52.28

2013-05-17 13.36.25 2013-05-17 13.36.42

For this rehearsal I was joined by Marega Palser my deliciously multi talented friend who drew the process – see her drawings on her page on the Women in Pregnancy blog

Gravida is performed this week at Chapter – 6pm on 28/29 May and yes children are welcome! The piece is incredibly amusing and moving in equal measures; you will wonder at how these performers do what they do with their bodies without being pregnant and be in awe of what they can do when  pregnant! And yes I did have performance envy! Here is the link to the trailer heres a promo:

Now I’m going to brace meself and leave the one warm room in the house – the boiler is broken, something I discovered when running a bath after 6 hours of gardening yesterday evening! Advice check the water is warm/hot before popping  a very pink bath bomb from Lush in the water!! The reason I have to leave the room aside from a call of a ladies water nature is I need cigarettes; I don’t have sufficient to get me through the fruit chopping fest I would like to do later or through my too frequently sleepless nights – last night was particularly challenging as my balance is poor and I found myself closely scrutinising the pile of the carpet more than once which may explain why my body hurts so much today!

It’s another occasion when I tell myself ‘the trick is to keep breathing’ (title of a favourite book by Janice Galloway), as if somehow stopping breathing will keep me warmer! No putting extra layers on to the extent one resembles a Yeti and sleeping with the electric blanket on will keep me warm – although with the scale of the night sweats currently it’s touch and go whether this Spinster gets through the night alive! Will one be electrocuted (unlikely Auntie who purchased said electric blanket explained the challenge when buying it in John Lewis (where else) and was assured this item was safe for use by the menopausal woman!)? Or can one actually sweat oneself to the point of dehydration – unlikely as the cold wet bed clothes tend to wake a gal up shivering to the extent ones painful teeth chatter (heavens I could wake up toothless at this rate – two more teeth have broken in the last 10 days – deep joy next week I have not one but two appointments at the Dental Hospital – surely trying the patience of my wonderful friend who takes me!)

OK here we go…

PS how many posts are tagged menopause and cataract care!!


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