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The last week has been curiously uneventful; relatively so for once. Reflecting on what was different the Spinster realised she had had an appointment free week! Wow the space this constant medical maintenance fills obviously expands and contracts depending on Cruella mood; this week having provoked a reaction by lobbing another infection in my direction she has taken some time out. No doubt boning up on professional development matters to see how innovative she could be next! For the Spinster the ‘C’ word means chronic; for Cruella is means continuous and along with her host performance excellence is essential. No doubt some public body has given her a grant to further her expertise; every artist needs time out to reflect!

Recent headlines relating to the University Hospital Cardiff, locally referred to as the Heath (a fact handily pointed out by one correspondent – one does lived in the ‘provinces’ after all and the public beyond our borders need a spot of translation to appreciate the full horror!). Regular readers will be fully conversant with the Spinster experience of the healthcare afforded to those of us gifted with the special powers that come with being labelled with MS. It will not have escaped you that the relentless tediousness of pointless appointments, many in the corridors of this august institution, does tend to grind a patient down; frankly it’s exhausting! If the Spinster has to discuss opera with another Consultant again she may actually spit feathers!

Ann ClwydMs Ann Clwyd is on the case undertaking an enquiry into how patient complaints are handled; one can’t help but be curious as to whether she got a reassuring response to the appalling treatment her husband received in his last days. Or have her energies been ‘directed’ or perhaps ‘channelled’ into conducting the enquiry to keep her busy; troublemakers/whistleblowers consume valuable resources that evidently this hospital should be concentrating on patient care. If this was someone’s idea of ‘managing’ Ms Clwyd they may be about to find out she has no intention of keeping quiet; once the bit is between her teeth she doesn’t tend to let go, at least the Spinster for one hopes not. I keep remembering her life long campaign to highlight the treatment of the Marsh Arabs; a minority issue for many but one she remains committed to.

Hmm one could hardly not comment on the story now could I but as with most things to do with the Spinster’s experience ‘tis all rather academic unless something actually changes to improve one’s personal situation. All too boring to dwell on me thinks; limited energy must be channelled more productively! Accordingly I finally got around to getting my business accounts up to date; and yes once again the Spinster found herself musing over a pile of random receipts (again)! The dining table was required to aid the process as was the mini shredder (bugger me it’s hard work winding the blessed thing once again wondering who had a hamster to benefit from the energy expended).

A Shameful Heap of Paper...

A Shameful Heap of Paper…

Of course with the state of freelance work it’s not exactly a time consuming exercise; well it shouldn’t be if one had input the little strips of paper every month. Still looking on the bright side it was only 3 nearly 4 months this time! All I can say is ‘touting’ for business costs this disabled Contractor a lot of money; diesel, car maintenance and parking charges alone before adding in the coffee that goes with the chat with potential clients! But ultimately FM Consultancy needs to remain visible; the downside of having (some considerable time ago admittedly) had a high profile position is people assume (mistakenly) that one is always busy! Not forgetting to omit one is a woman of a certain age and young eager whippersnappers (the freelance equivalent of sharp elbowed parents one has concluded) – will to work for peanuts and fit enough to run faster! What happened to respect for ones elders? Why not practice on those in our middle years people – you too will soon be just like us! And whilst I’m on the subject consulting the Spinster for advice costs so please at least pay for the coffee?!!

If I could make a living out of writing and coaching/mentoring this Company Director would be a happy gal! My work with individuals and small/micro businesses is some of the most rewarding especially when those people really engage with the process. This week FM Consultancy was engaged in actual paid work something that is most reinforcing; being single, childless and self employed can, if one isn’t careful, lead one to being defined by one’s work. The elusive work life balance requires both elements to be in play; i.e. one needs both work and a life! The confidential information disclosed is a form of intelligence gathering and superb at facilitating the raised eyebrow when one comes across things that just don’t quite add up; the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of this complex environment never cease to amuse me. Of course as it’s all entre nous the information can’t be shared but then that half the appeal of it! Remember your grandmother/auntie asking you to tell them what you’ve been up to? Heavens the Spinster role as confidante and comforter has morphed into something she never intended!

Perfect with a cigarette holder!

Perfect with a cigarette holder!

As you might have realised every time Cruella gets busy the Spinster has to review life; try to ferret out what precisely will have to change. A frank assessment of the impact must be made; pragmatism is a finely hones skill these days. Lateral thinking to accommodate the new circumstances; I often reflect on how as Cruella stuffs my attributes in her swag bag they seem to be handed over to my 5 year old godson! (Does he realise he’s handling stolen goods and there are consequences!) His manual dexterity continues to improve as mine deteriorates; this week the Spinster has noticed a dramatic improvement in her ability to flick things. One momentarily pondered whether to take up tiddlywinks…

Both larger things (hairbrushes/toothbrushes etc) and rather smaller items (prescription drugs/Sweetex etc) are propelled at incredible speed! Can I find them of course I can’t; tomorrow the Spinster will implore her wonderful GP to increase the number of pills prescribed to compensate for the significant number misplaced thus! Even the usual hiding places are empty; often ‘bits’ of ‘stuff’ reveal themselves when one is undressing – nestled in the folds of fabric with the fulsome brassiere historically being a favourite cache!

You may recall the Spinster bemoaning the deterioration in her short sight as a consequence (according to the smug faced optician) of age. Sliding my glasses down my nose was the prescription; the question is just how far down my nose before the glasses fall off? It’s a close call these days especially when one factors in the need to have the reading material adequately illuminated! Picture the Saturday afternoon godson visit when reading is the order of the day; getting him to sit comfortably (for both of us) without blocking the light or moving suddenly resulting in me glasses falling off!

On godson matters this Godmother was feeling a little smug when she found seedless watermelon; introducing him to the fruit was education (as long as there were no seeds of course). After initial success a second watermelon was purchased and prepared (along with the usual grapes). Now I did notice that there were some seeds in this second one but nothing significant or so one thought. Well the first piece went down albeit a bit messily and we were engrossed in the Cat in the Hat (a book requiring concentration to get the rhythm right). Leaning over for another piece of watermelon ignoring Godmother’s suggestion that a piece of kitchen roll might help. ‘I can’t eat that!’ Oh yes this cute little monster spotted the seeds. ‘It’s OK they won’t grown in your tummy’. Of course between Godmother and his accompanying Mamgi we bit off the seedy bits for the next 20 minutes!

And then when he was leaving he misjudged giving me a goodbye kiss instead planting his wet chops on my tummy!


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