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The funeral of the Sophisticated Spinster, Frances Medley, will be held at Thornhill Crematorium, Thornhill Road, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF4 5UA at 3pm on Monday October 7th and afterwards at Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE.

Family flowers only. Donations in lieu to The Blenheim Counselling Service c/o A G Adams, Ty Newydd Funeral Home, Gladstone Road, Barry, CF62 8NA



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4 responses to “Funeral

  1. Gillian Green

    Diolch am gael dy adnabod Fran! Cysga’n dawel.xx

  2. Clare Pearl

    I knew Fran for just a year or so before she died and met her through Emma with whom I share a house.
    During one of our intense conversations I mentioned a plan I had of setting up a counselling service for the homeless women resident at the Blenheim Project, a hostel in Bradford. The inspiration for this came from my own experience of benefitting from the liberating ideas of Carl Rogers whilst training to be a counsellor. The simple premise of person-centred counselling is that the person knows what is best for them, and has all the wisdom and resources within themselves to fulfil their potential. Sometimes though, circumstances get in the way, and a counselling relationship can offer a climate where personal growth and change can be experienced – perhaps for the first time in a person’s life.
    I had worked out that for about £5000.00, a counsellor could be employed for one year to offer 3 sessions a week to the residents at the project. This seed fund would give us the chance to establish and evaluate the service, hopefully justifying applications for further funding and donations to ensure it continues.
    I am deeply touched that Fran has made this the charitable cause for her funeral donations, and feel excited at the prospect of setting up a service that has the possibility of making a significant and lasting difference to women at a very vulnerable time in their lives.

  3. Remembering a dear friend and colleague, her mischief, humour, humanity and intelligence, deployed both in friendship and our work together. Sadly and I know that you would understand this, being freelance, I can’t get out of a meeting at the other end of the country (UK not Wales) on Monday, so I won’t be able to be at the funeral. But I will be thinking of you and I will raise a glass, after work, to celebrate your life, our friendship, and the brave choice that you have made.

    I will always remember the bitter sweet comedy of that first trip with your crutches, long haul, to Kenya and your gallows humour. And long discussions about how best to deliver business advice to creative folk, to get them to see it not as a threat but something with the potential to liberate. And the fun of delivering that British Council week long international workshop in Cardiff; the humour and then tedium of the competitive singing between the participants from Uganda and Cameroon, won hands down by Cameroon but the joy of such a diverse group of academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs and artists. And our encounters in the BC era of a Director Arts, who simply didn’t understand the creative economy agenda (that is broad enough to avoid a libel action as it could fit several of the post holders) but about whom you had strong views and much to tell! Oh the gossip you shared! And, before the MS kicked in, the trip to Beirut (with Nici) and our encounters with the gloriously expat, old school, but charmingly quirky British Council Director Ken Churchill …. our shared bemusement, on arrival in Beirut Airport and Ken brusquely demanding my boarding pass so that he could buy very cheap duty free fags (which he smoked non-stop) …. and how much he relished the fact that he’d booked us into the hotel that John Macarthy was snatched from (us all musing on what our parents would say if they knew!) …. and Ken’s (and our) delight at the remarkably good restaurants that he introduced us to. Once we got over that initial encounter, we all warmed to the man – another bon viveur – so much, now like you sadly gone. It was ALL work but it was always SUCH fun. I wish we’d had more of it.

    Fran Medley, who’d have thought that you, YOU, would have made the pages of the Daily Mail, or that they would have been so sympathetic. (Actually, thinking about it, in some ways I am surprised that you didn’t make the Daily Mail’s pages earlier!) Perhaps the time for the change that you sought, and personally actioned, has finally come.

    So happy for you that after all the agonies of the past eight years, you are at peace. I hope your family and close friends find solace in knowing that you made this choice, and that it can provide them with lasting and healing comfort in their grief.

  4. I met Fran when we were students at Aberystwyth over 20 years ago. I always remember being phenomenally impressed by her being one of the women starting Aberystwyth Rape Crisis at the time – I would never have had the maturity for that at the time. When I saw her in more recent months she talked about women’s issues being the roots she always went back to. It moves me but doesn’t surprise me that she chose a cause such as this for her funeral donations.

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